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Taiwanese-Cantonese YouTuber Bart Kwan is best known as the co-founder, writer, director, and actor of popular YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms. He uploads the social, contemporary, and cultural issues with a comedic edge where he has 1.6million+ subscribers with over 367 million views as of October 2018. 

Who is Bart Kwan? 

Bart Kwan was born on November 18, 1984, in California, USA. His birth sign is Scorpio which defines his personality as resourceful, brave, pa s sionate who are focused, ambitious and competitive. He was just six years old when his parents divorced. He has maintained a good relationship with his father mother.

He was interested in comedy since childhood days and use to make self-practice in front of the camera making a funny face and doing stupid stuff while his parents got out for work. 

At first, Kawn wanted to pursue his career in medicine and joined the United States Marine Corps but soon he realized his pa s sion for comedy and entertainment. In 2007, he joined YouTube channel, JustKiddingFilms where he uploads social, contemporary, and cultural issues with a comedic edge. His channel has 1,6million+ subscribers along with 367 million.      

CAPTION: YouTuber, Bart Kwan. SOURCE: Gazette Review

The success of JustKiddingFilms led Kwan to open up other YouTube channel including  ‘JustKiddingParty’, 'JustKiddingNews’ and ‘JustKiddingGamer’. After marrying Geovanna Antoinette. He also initiated the Bart & Geo channel where he posts videos of his personal life.           

Bart Kwan's Net Worth

Bart Kwan is a popular YouTuber, he has a million subscribers on his channel, JustKiddingFilms. He earns $144 - $2.3K per month and $1.7K - $27.6K annually from his channel as per the sources. Apart from that, he makes a good sum of the amount from his other YouTube channel,  'JustKiddingParty’, 'JustKiddingNews’ and ‘JustKiddingGamer’. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million.   

Bart Kwan Married Life With Geovanna Antoinette

Bart Kwan is a married man, he married his fellow co-artist, Geovanna Antoinette in 2015 at an intimate private ceremony in the presence of their closed ones and family members. The couple first met in early 2015 during the filming a video for Just kidding Films.   



The duo welcomed their son, Taika Octavius Kwan on September 1, 2017. He and his wife run a YouTube channel, Bart & Geo where they upload their daily activities. The channel has more than 776k subscribers with 213 million views as of October 2018.

He is quite active on Instagram where he has 515k+ followers. Kwan has tattoos on the full sleeve of his left hand. He spends most of his leisure time in the gym doing workouts and exercise. 

He is a dog lover and has three pet dog named; Fawn, Meatloaf, and Briggy.

Body Measurement

  • Age: As of 2018, he is 32 years old.
  • Height: He stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.76m) tall.
  • Weight: He weighs 80kg (176Ibs). 

Below we present the video of Bart Kwan,   

by Jyoti, 29 Oct, 2018

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