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Ashli Dotson, a known lifestyle and fashion blogger and philanthropist rose to fame not because of her marriage, to Mike Evans, the wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their love story began before Mike's NFL success.

From Texas, Ashli has made a name for herself in the world of blogging beyond being known as a football player's wife. She runs a lifestyle website called AllAboutAshli where she shares insights into her life and passions. In this article, we will delve deeper into Ashli's career her life, her role as a mother, and more. Join us for an in-depth glimpse, into Ashli's world.

Ashli's Early Years

In the years of her life, Dotson's Texan roots were deeply ingrained as she was born to Brandi Dotson and Orlando Pierce on December 17 1993 in Texas. Expressing admiration she took to Instagram on Mother's Day, in 2022 to express her appreciation for her mother, whom she considers the best mom anyone could ask for.

Ashli Dotson Ashli's educational journey also took place within the borders of Texas.
SOURCE: Instagram@ashli_evans

Her educational journey also took place within the borders of Texas. Dotson enrolled at Blinn Junior College in Brenham where she pursued a major in psychology to become a counselor. This choice reflected her desire to have an impact on others. Growing up in Texas and pursuing education there laid the groundwork, for both her professional endeavors.

Dotson And Evans's First Met

Dotson and Evans first met in 2013 while they were, in college. Dotson was studying at Blinn and Evans was attending Texas A&M University. They were introduced through their roommates, who already knew each other.

Ashli Dotson and Mike Evans Dotson and Evans first met in 2013 while they were, in college.
SOURCE: Instagram@ashli_evans 

According to Dotson they immediately felt a bond when they first met. Their first date was going to the movies and after that, they started spending all their time. They enjoyed hanging out with friends watching movies and exploring the Northgate entertainment district. This connection became a part of their relationship that lasted over time.

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Fashion Blogger's Married Life

As the end of 2014 approached, amidst the Christmas celebrations Evans proposed to Dotson. She lovingly described the moment as " beautiful and perfect."

Fast forward to February 13 2016 when the couple exchanged their vows. Dotson and Evans decided on a celebration, at The Corinthian in Houston with an entourage of 26 bridesmaids and groomsmen. Dotson looked stunning in Jimmy Choo shoes and a gown designed by Alon Livné.

Over the years that followed they continued to commemorate their anniversary through social media posts. As they celebrated their anniversary in 2022 Dotson shared a collection of photos on Instagram accompanied by a caption that expressed her affection; "Life feels effortless when I'm, with you, my love."

Dotson's Children 

Dotson, with Evans, is a parent to three lovely children; Ariah Lynn, Amari Thomas, and Aliyah Nicole. In addition to her children, she also cherishes her role as a stepmother to Mackenzie. They share a bond. Dotson affectionately refers to Mackenzie as her "bonus daughter." On her website, Dotson often shares the joys and challenges of being a mother.

Dotson with Evans and their children; Ariah Lynn, Amari Thomas, and Aliyah Nicole Dotson and Evans are a parent to three children; Ariah Lynn, Amari Thomas, and Aliyah Nicole.
SOURCE: Instagram@ashli_evans

Ariah was born on November 30, 2016. Dotson couldn't contain her happiness. Immediately shared the news on Instagram. Following that occasion Amari came into the world on December 28, 2019. Again Dotson shared the announcement, on her social media platform. Finally, on May 18, 2022, Aliyah joined the Dotson Evans family. The celebration was captured through a series of heartwarming photos posted on Dotson's Instagram account.

Ashli's Interests And Hobbies

In addition, to spending quality time with loved ones and managing her blog Dotson has a range of interests and hobbies. She is passionate about fashion. Loves to travel. On her website, she shares holiday gift ideas. Showcases her outfits in the fashion section.

Dotson's Instagram account also features fashion-related content. Captures her travel experiences. She expresses her fascination with the estate, interior design, and fashion design, on her website showing her range of interests. Dotson enjoys exploring aspects of creativity and lifestyle. 

About Dotson's Lifestyle And Fashion Blog

Dotson runs a lifestyle and fashion blog, just like Bryanboy who is also a blogger, that acts as her space, for sharing insights about her life. From the beginning of the blog her objectives were twofold; to give readers an understanding of who she is and to discuss topics that personally interest her. The blog covers a range of subjects, including reflections on family life with her spouse and children travel adventures discussions on health, beauty, and fashion well, and the exchange of delicious recipes.

Apart from managing her blog Dotson also maintains a page where she curates content showcasing outfits and home decor. Moreover, she actively engages with her audience through her Instagram account which has amassed a following of, over 25,000 users. On Instagram, she shares glimpses into her life and interests.

About Ashli's Foundation

Dotson and her husband joined forces to establish the Mike Evans Family Foundation in 2017. Their main objective is to lend a helping hand to children facing challenges and provide support to families affected by violence.

In terms of the foundation's leadership, Evans takes on the role of president while Dotson serves as vice president and secretary. The foundation's official website highlights Dotson's involvement underscoring her contributions. Dotson especially enjoys participating in the Catch, for Christmas events, where the foundation generously gives out presents to children, in Tampa.

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Dotson's Net Worth

Ashli, a lifestyle blogger, and philanthropist, has an estimated worth of approximately $1 million, as of January 2024. She primarily earns her income through her blogging ventures and other pursuits. Despite her husband's worth of around $25 million, which mainly comes from his NFL salaries and brand deals Ashli remains financially independent and takes charge of her finances.

In 2014 Mike signed a four-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for $14.6 million, which included a signing bonus of $8.96 million. Furthermore, in 2018, he secured a five-year deal, with the team valued at $82.5 million with a guaranteed sum of $55 million to extend his tenure.

Ashli's Social Media Presence

Ashli has a presence, on media especially on Instagram, where she has an impressive following of over 26.5K individuals and has shared around 263 posts. Her captivating feed takes us on a journey through aspects of her life showcasing delightful moments spent with loved ones.

From capturing memories from vacations with family to highlighting her husband's football game achievements Ashli's Instagram provides a relatable window into her world. Followers get to experience a mix of family adventures glimpses, into her life, and the excitement surrounding her husband's football journey. It presents a rounded depiction of a life filled with happiness, connections, and shared experiences.

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