Ascertain details about supermodel Erica Mena, her married life, husband, and children

News by Clarence Published on 27 Oct,2016 Updated on 27 Oct,2016

Supermodel Ericka Mena and her sweetheart Bow Wow as known as Shad Moss began dating in 2014 and reported their engagement in September.Their hurricane sentiment got to be open information in the mid-year of 2014.Erica and Bow Wow arranged a marriage that was initially set for April. 

Supermodel Erica Mena's Married Life 

Bits of gossip had as of now whirled that the two had officially tied a knot.But a month ago Mena had uncovered that they are not hitched yet and are wanting to get participated in a wedding service some time or another in June.But the particular date hasn't been set yet.But rather wound up going their different ways.Bow Wow was dark available after an appalling split with Erica Mena. 

Do Erica Mena and Bow Wow's Children

Bow Wow has a three-year-old little girl, Shai Moss, from a past relationship. Mena is additionally mother to child King, who turned eight prior this year.Mena likewise uncovered about her warmth for her future spouse started much sooner than he even knew Mena existed. 

The match really started a companionship in "2007 or 2006" when Mena had a part in is Fresh Azimiz video. They then revived their association in February of a year ago when she visitors co-facilitated an uncommon Valentine's Day scene of 106 and Park with him on BET. Strikingly enough, they kissed on camera and that is the point at which they both have said their sentiment started (regardless of them both being seeing someone at the time).

Still, she keeps up they didn't turn out to be more than companions until they were both single.When Mena was experiencing the breakup,Bow Wow was managing someone.Mena was once finished with a relationship when they've begun to invest a great deal of energy together.They've additionally been in each other's lives.Bow Wow has cleared up bits of gossip that he and his future spouse, Erica Mena, are getting hitched in Australia.

Super Model Erica Mena's Affair with Boyfriend DJ Envy

On February 25, 2013, DJ Envy tended to date bits of gossip started by Erica Mena and confessed to undermining his better half Gia Casey with five youngsters. After the NYC-based DJ opened up about his agitated marriage weeks back by apologizing on-air to his mate of 18 years. 

Erica was under the presumption that Envy had children, however, wasn't really married.Envy considered a pledge as genuine as marriage and went up against an entire other relationship.Envy pointed the finger at Erica as a liar and disgraceful when he misdirected her as he was driving a twofold life for a long time. He's never freely turned out with his significant other up to this point since he's embarrassed about her. While Envy was endeavoring to spare his broken marriage,Erica has been dating her supervisor Rich Dollaz.