How Much Is Storage Wars' Darrell Sheets' Net Worth? Details On His Career And Weight Loss Journey

News by Luna Published on 25 Aug,2019 Updated on 25 Aug,2019

Darrell Sheets is a famous American reality television star who grabbed huge attention for appearing on the super-hit reality television series, Storage Wars on A&E Network. He actually came into the spotlight for his powerful personality and experience as a storage auction veteran.  

Darrell has been involved in Storage Hunting career for over three decades and is also now a renowned television personality. This has definitely helped him to earn a huge amount of money. So, how much is his net worth? What about his sources of income? Scroll down:  

Darrell Sheets’ Net Worth And Career In 2019

Darrell Sheets always has passion for storage hunting since a very young age, and as of now, he has been active for over three decades in the field before landing up on-screen. 

Now being a veteran storage hunter for over three decades and television personality, Darrell definitely has earned a high figure of money. 

Talking about Darrell Sheets’ net worth in 2019, his value is reported to be around $4.5 million that he collected from his store hunting and television personality.

CAPTION: Darrell Sheets SOURCE: Amazon

As he has already played in 100 episodes, his appearances in the television series and other projects are the primary sources of income. 

Besides this, Darrell was quite lucky enough to find a locker that values around $300 thousand. The locker contained beautiful art pieces of Frank Guttierez which became the single biggest find on the show.

He is now longer interested in collecting things but is excited for valuable items that can be turned to cash.

Darrell has garnered paintings by Picasso and a pile of rare cosmic letter and letter by Abraham Lincoln

Darrell Sheets’ Weight Loss Journey

Back on 18th June 2014, Darrell thanked Nutrisystem to help him lose 40 pounds. As per Darrell, he had tried many methods to drop some of the pounds, but despite hard work, strict diet, and exercise, he did not get a positive result. 

CAPTION: Darrell Sheets before weight loss SOURCE: cnwimg

Thus, he took the help of Nutrisystem, which helped him to drop significant weight. He said:

My joints hurt. My body hurt. I was tired of exercise with no results. Plus, I had to get away from eating cheeseburgers and making bad choices on the set.

With Nutrisystem, Darrell became able to shed some weight and became successful from being 197 lbs from 315 lbs. 

His weight loss dream came true but got ill for around three months, eventually leading to a heart attack. Via Instagram, he revealed that he had a mild heart attack, congestive heart failure, and severe issues on his lungs.  He also mentioned that he would be going through surgery.