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A hunter, trapper, and reality television personality Agnes Hailstone is well known for her appearance on the reality TV show Life Below Zero. The show is aired on the National Geographic channel. The reality show stars six different families as they struggle to survive in harsh weather in remote parts of Alaska.

Hailstone is married to famous television personality Chip Hailstone who is also a prominent member of the show. She was previously married to Douglas J. Carter; it's unknown when they got a divorce.

Born in Noorvik, Alaska

Agnes Hailstone was born on 14th June 1972 in Noorvik, Alaska. She is from the Inupiaq family. They are the native of northern Alaska inhabiting the land as subsistent hunters from generation to generation.

Most of her early days, hailstone spent in her hometown Noorvik along with her family. She is American as per her nationality and has White-Caucasian descent. Hailstone lost her mother and brother to icy water.

Television Career

As she grew up in Alaska, Agnes became used to fishing and hunting. The culture followed by her family also helped her to tan animals, gather oil from the body fats, and create handicrafts. She is a skilled hunter and has taken part in skinning, hunting, and fishing.

Hailstone is one of the cast members of the National Geography reality show Life Below Zero. The show stars six families as they struggle to survive in the harsh weather of remote Alaska. 

Appeared in 'Life Below Zero'

Agnes' husband Chip Hailstone is also a skilled hunter and the former cast member of the show Life Below Zero.

The family relies on the hunting of animals and sea creatures like bears, bison, fox, wolverine, wolf, fish, walrus, and whales to survive. The other cast members of the show include Erik SalitanGlenn Villeneuve, and Ricko DeWilde.

Net Worth

Agnes Hailstone earns a decent amount of money from her career as a hunter, trapper, and television personality.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hailstone has an estimated net worth of $100 thousand, as of 2022, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Salary and earnings

Her main source of income is the reality TV show Life Below Zero. As per reports, her salary from the show is estimated at around $45,000 a year. In the United States, a television personality earns around $49,450 to $51,630 per year.

Hailstone has become a very famous celebrity after working in the show ‘Life Below Zero’. She has successfully developed a big fan following for her and one can easily find her fans now. 

Married Husband Chip Hailstone After Douglas J. Carter's Divorce

Agnes Hailstone has been married to Edward V. Hailstone aka Chip Hailstone, who is a famous American television personality. Agnes and Chip Hailstone met in Alaska.

The duo exchanged wedding vows in 1992. The couple shares five children, Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Quran, together.

Prior to her marriage to Chip, she was married to Douglas J. Carter. It's unclear when she and Carter married and got a divorce.

Past Relationship

Hailstone also has two sons from her previous relationship, they are Douglas Hailstone and Jon Hailstone. They are also full-time hunters and are happily married. 

Fun Fact: Agnes has a tattoo on her chin that looks like stripes. They are a part of the ritual of maturity in Eskimo women, a signal that a woman has reached puberty.

Lawsuit Against Chip Hailstone

Hailstone's husband got charged with legal charges by the State Trooper in 2014. The incident took place when he accused the State Trooper of physically assaulting his daughter who was 17 at that time.

Similarly, Chip also filed a case against his neighbor claiming he pointed a gun at him. 

Released from jail 

However, his accusations were not proved and he was convicted for counts of providing false information to police officers. He was ordered to serve 3 years of probation. 

Hailstone was released from jail but his fans still confused about why he went to prison in the first place. They also pleaded for him to the media outlets as well as with President Donald Trump to help Chip Out. 

Age, Height, and Body Statics

  • Height: she stands at the height of 5ft 3 inches (1.61m).
  • Nationality: She is American as per her nationality. 
  • Ethnicity: She has White-Caucasian descent.
  • Age: Agnes is 47 years old, as of 2020. 
  • Hair Color: She has beautiful black hair. 
  • Eye Color: Her eyes are black in color. 

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