After Bill O Reilly, Heres Another Case Filed Against Employee Of Fox News

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 21 Apr,2017 Updated on 22 Sep,2017

It seems like time is running bad for Fox News. One after another controversy is making headlines about the fox news.

Just after the Bill O’ Reilly case was not dismissed yet another target joined the crew. Making “Money Anchor” Charles Payne has been sued by Manhattan book publisher.


Charles Payne had failed to deliver a manuscript to the publisher. On the top of the, he had already taken a whopping $ 50,000 advance from the publisher.

Bring some light to what actually happened, the lawsuit filed on Tuesday by Hachette book group claims that panel was to write about his experiences in rising from poverty to build a successful life for the publication.


The contract was not fulfilled. They have contracts for a final delivery of the manuscript by February 1, 2016, which did not happen.


Now the company is seeking for payment that has been made with interest after Payne has refused to pay back.

Well, the fox is having a tough time with all these allegations ruining the brand name. Hopefully, everything goes down soon.