Actress Lexi Atkins Aged 25, Is She Single At Present Or Dating Someone Under The Media Radar? Know Everything About Her Relationship.

News by Valdemar Published on 23 Jan,2018 Updated on 23 Jan,2018

The pageant queen turned actress, Lexi Atkins, 25, has also recently broken into the musical world-she released music video for her single 'Purr' in December 2017.

Atkins who is also the star of the CW's series 'The Messengers has been on media's radar for quite some time now, but the beauty queen is playing detective with the media - she remains hush on her private life. 

We're digging Lexi Atkin's personal life details here, does she have a boyfriend or a crush? Let's settle it once and for all right here!

Lexi Atkins's Romantic Life-Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Lexi Atkins,25, immersed in the entertainment industry when she landed the lead role in the 2014's 'Zombeavers'. The blonde beauty hasn't turned back since.

Recently, she has also stepped into the music-world-she made her first release in December 2017, and her next song is scheduled to release in early 2018. 

With a schedule so hectic, it is no wonder that Atkins has stayed away from any romantic adventures, at least publicly.

Gorgeous Lexi Atkins is most probably single at present

 Source: Instagram

As Lexi is gaining wide popularity, her fans are desperate to know whether she's single or dating someone.

The bombshell has maintained a low key in her personal life. She's active on Instagram but she's not given a single clue whether she's is in a relationship or not. 

Lovely lady in a photo shoot

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At the moment, we say that the star is single. We'll soon be updating her romantic life in the following days.

Lexi Atkins' "Purr" Make You Fall in Love with Pink

Lexi has blessed our lives with her new music video 'Purr' released on 14 December 2017. We can guarantee that the music video put you in a mood to wear pink from head to toe. (

She gave it a 90s feel remembering the time she came on earth.

Lexi Atkins on the way upgrading her professional career

 Source: The Fresh Committee

The singer also produced, styled, directed and edited the very music video which is highly inspired by her cat. No matter how much you hate the color pink, you will like it after watching the video.

It is said that her new album entitled 'LA' will be released early this year.

Lexi competed in the Miss Teen USA pageant and became the first runner-up in 2010

Source: The Pageant Planet

She began performing when she was just 4. She would host her own talk show and interview her family members. She attended classes at the esteemed school of improvisational comedy. That's how she improved skills in writing, stand-up, on-screen work and music.

The former Miss Teen USA finalist also appeared in White Guy Talk Show. She kicked off the year 2015 with Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman in 'The Boy Next Door'.

The diva also played her best in the horror-comedy movie, Zombeavers, and The Messengers.

Quick Facts about Lexi Atkins

  • Born on 10 February 1992 in Champaign, Illinois.
  • She is the eldest child of Spencer and Tracy Atkins.
  • She attended dance class and school musicals in her childhood days.
  • She is 5ft 8in (1.73m) tall.