Actor Corey Feldman Says He Was Attacked With A Syringe In A Car

News by Joey Jordan Published on 30 Mar,2018 Updated on 30 Mar,2018

Stand By Me Actor Corey Feldman Defends His Claim That He Was Stabbed By Unknown Person On Stomach After LAPD Reported ''No Laceration To His Abdomen''

  • Actor Corey Feldman took to his Twitter on Tuesday claiming an unknown person stabbed him.
  • After a short investigation, the LAPD reported that there was no ''laceration to his stomach'' was found.
  • He took to Instagram on Thursday morning defending his claim where he exposed his abdomen showing the small wound on it.

Stand By Me actor Corey Feldman claimed that an unknown person in the stomach stabbed him on Tuesday night.

Feldman had taken to his Twitter on early Wednesday morning that a man allegedly attempted to murder by opening his vehicle's door and stabbing him while he stopped at red light.

The LAPD, however, reported they found ''no lacerations to his abdomen'' and denied to file an attempted homicide report. And now the actor has taken to his Instagram defending his claim. He posted bare abdomen with a small wound on its side which he captioned ''HE WORLDS SMALLEST KNIFE WOUND.....OR?!?!"



 Before, the 46-year-old actor revealed he was with his guard on his car when three men approached him and one among them attacked on his stomach.

Later, LAPD revealed that an unknown suspect opened Feldman's car's driver side door and made a stabbing move towards his stomach at around 10:45 on Tuesday night at the corner of Reseda Boulevard and Ventura Boulevard.

Feldman's reporter told New York Post,

This situation was scary and upon further examination, the conclusion was it's most likely a syringe. Doctors did tests to see if it was a poison or virus.

The representative further said that the alleged incident was ''absolutely not a hoax.''