A Three-year-old Boy Who Went Missing Made A New Interesting Friend And Hung Out With Him For Two Days In The Woods

News by Hendrix Published on 11 Feb,2019 Updated on 11 Feb,2019

Temperatures in the USA plummeted to well below shivering which caused a lot of tragedies and deaths. In such extreme conditions, you wouldn’t expect a lost child to survive especially in the company of a bear in the woods.       

A 3-year-old, Casey Hathaway was playing peacefully in his grandmother's backyard in a small town of North Carolina called Ernul. He was playing peacefully but after that, he wandered away from his two friends who were also with him at the time.  

The incident caused a lot of panic in his home and neighborhood, but he was later found 40-50 yards into the woods tangled in a thorny bush. He was found by a woman walking her dog who heard the crying child and reported it to the police, a Sherriff Chip Hughes, of the Craven County Sheriff, told reporters.    

CAPTION: A photo of Casey in a hospital bed. SOURCE: The Mirror

The child was discovered while a massive search effort was being conducted by the police that covered both the air and ground. According to a statement from the police, he was found in surprisingly good condition but was a bit tired.

The child’s aunt posted on Facebook that he said he was with a bear for two days. She said that,

"God sent him a friend to keep him safe. God is good God. Miracles do happen."

Although it was not confirmed if there was a bear or not by any authorities, the news is the talk of the town for may tabloid sources.

In a statement by his aunt, she told the news,

"We appreciate the thoughts but we do want to recognize that everyone wants to get Casey a stuff little bear and although we absolutely love that remember that he can only home so many,"

Interestingly his aunt also said that little Hathaway was a fan of an animated TV show called Masha and the Bear. In the animated series, a guardian bear looks over a young girl living in the forest.

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