OMG!!Man Misdiagnosed As Migraine For Eye Cancer Left With Hole In Face

OMG by Published on Updated on 08 May, 2018

How would it be if someone has to remove his eye due to a migraine??? Sounds weird but a man from Islington, north London removed his eyes and few facial bones which is not due to a migraine apparently, but it has to do something with this.

Danny Hunt, a father of four, had to have his right eye removed and bone in his nose and jaw taken out after he was diagnosed with the rarest type of eye cancer.

CAPTION: A man from north London had to remove his right eye and few facial bones SOURCE: Metro

Hunt, 58, was originally suffered from headaches and throat infections back in 2008. His general physician at the time diagnosed him with laryngitis. He said that when he went to visit the doctor for the second time, he was told that, he must have been suffering from migraines.

He had been using medication for migraines until a lump began growing next to his right eye. Not doing any late, Danny and his wife Mandy visited Moorfield Eye Hospital in London for a specialist opinion. His wife Mandy said,

They said 'there's something not right - there's something at the back of your eye

The specialists told Hunt that he had a tumor in his right eye with ''spider legs,'' an indicator of a particularly nasty type of eye cancer. He condition was so critical that he had to remove his right eye by 2009. Mandy said,

He has had so many operations. Because there's no bone in his nose, everything comes out of his nose. The bone underneath the brain has crumbled.

Hunt's son Stephen helped his father clean out anything that got stuck in his nose for two years after the surgery. Nurses weren't allowed to clean out the eye socket on visits.

CAPTION: Danny Hunt had to remove his right eye due to a rare form of eye cancer SOURCE: Metro

A year before Hunt was diagnosed with cancer; he underwent a different surgery after being diagnosed with tuberculosis in his 20's had 'crystallized' the sack around his heart.

Moreover, he was also diagnosed with the Marfan syndrome, a disorder which affects the body tissue.