A Coincidence Made A Dinner Date Between Mindy Kaling And Cory Booker

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 26 Mar,2017 Updated on 29 Aug,2017

Mindy Kaling who is an American actress and comedian also the creative head and star of “The Mindy Project” was indirectly approached for a dinner date by Cory Booker.

Cork Booker is a senate from New Jersey who previously was a mayor of Newark.

Well, things went like this. Mindy Kaling on her sitcom the Mindy project joked about Newark.  After hearing that Booker had come to her colleague’s event that “I guess anything to get out of Newark, huh?”

On twitter booker tweeted “ouch” at Kaling on Thursday. Also said he was in love with her though.

She responded that if her character “shades” it, “it means we know it’s cool,” and said the love was mutual"

Booker asked her for dinner to which she responded if he manages a train schedule. Reports suggest the date has not been scheduled yet.