Radio Show Host Kim Komando's Earning From Her Profession: How Much Is Her Net Worth?

News by Hendrix Published on 18 Feb,2019 Updated on 18 Feb,2019

The radio is the main way of listening to music in the States. People love to turn on the radio, especially in their cars and listen to the shows currently airing. Many people listen to the radio till today and prefer some hosts more than others. One such host that is liked by all is Kim Komando whose career in radio spans over two decades.        

The radio show host cum radio station owner is a millionaire, she is one of the most well-known names in the radio broadcast industry. From her stellar career, she amassed a net worth in the millions. She is also an author and the royalties from her book sales contribute to her net worth.  

Know More About The Radio Show Host Kim Komando’s Net Worth And Income Sources

By working in the radio broadcast industry for more than 20 years she gathered a net worth of $7 million. She started out small and was a salesperson for IBM, AT&T, and Unisys. Her talents were apparent when she sold Honeywell, a Unisys system valued at $11 million.

Then she quit sales to start her company The Komando Corporation. At the time she was earning $60 a week from a column that she wrote.

CAPTION: A professionally shot photo of Kim Komando. SOURCE: Kim Komando Show

She also wrote computer training tapes called Komputer Tutor that she sold for $80 to $120 each. She started WestStar TalkRadio Network in the mid-1990s, after some initial struggle the staff of the network moved into a $7.5 million 24,000 square-foot facilities.  

Does The Radio Show Host Live The Rich Life, Know About Her Lifestyle And Her Career Highlights

Although she earns a big paycheck from her jobs she is secretive about her lifestyle and assets. However, she is an avid car collector and is the owner of a mouthwatering car collection. Her garage consists of vintage cars that are the dream of every car buff.

She owns a very sexy 1946 Chevrolet truck costing around $3200 along with a beast of a machine a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang which ranges in price from $6,000 to $25,000. Similarly, she also owns a 1966 Custom Corvette which can be bought for $11503.

Not impressed yet her collection also consists of a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG which costs around $142,800, a Mercedes-Benz GTR costing around $157,995, a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG which is in the market for $222,000. And the cherry on top is a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta whose base price is $379,866.

To add to her property she is also the owner of homes in both Arizona and Maui, Hawaii.

Quick Facts: Kim Komando

  • Kim Komando was born Kimberly Ann Komando in 1967 in Watchung, New Jersey, U.S. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. She belongs to White ethnicity and is an American by nationality.
  • Her alma mater is Arizona University from where she graduated with a B.S.
  • She is married to Barry Young who is the former host of The Nearly Famous Barry Young Show. The marriage blessed them with a son that they named Ian.
  • She was awarded several awards in recognition of her marvelous work in the radio broadcast business.

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