"I am very lucky to have a loving husband like him", Says American attorney Sunny Hostin-How She First Met Her Husband Emmanuel Hostin? Learn About Their Family And Children

News by Bean Published on 26 Feb,2019 Updated on 26 Feb,2019

It is a classic story: A renowned American attorney, talk show host, legal expert cum analyst, and an expert sports injury specialists and eminent in Medical degree 'Orthopedic Surgery'. Lawyer Sunny Hostin and Dr. Emmanuel Hostin got married in 1998 and are inseparable since then. 

In today's generation where love exists only in romantic novels and books, couples like them help us to believe in love. So, here we are discussing the beautiful relationship of the pair. How did they first met? How is their conjugal life going on? Do they share any children? We have all the details here.   

How Did The Power Couple Sunny And Emmanuel Hostin Met?

In an interview, Sunny, 50 revealed how she met her future husband. It was a mutual friend who played cupid in their love story.  

"I remember when I was a young girl seeing him for the first time. He was a decent looking person, unlike other guys of the age. I just started working as a journalist and as far as I can remember, he was still in the medical school as a student,” Sunny stated.

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"Meeting each other by some kind of coincidence was out of the question as we belonged to the completely different fields. So, it was a mutual friend who took both of us on a double date. I was there with my girlfriend, and Emmanuel was with his guy friend," she disclosed.

When she saw him for the first time, she felt something very special. It was not exactly love at first sight, for her, it was more like soul recognition.  

“And as soon as I saw him with his guy friend, something just felt right. I had a feeling he was the one, so I asked my friend to arrange another single date only for them. He seemed very shy at first but it was that second date which brought us together.”

“I couldn’t have found a loving and brilliant person in my life other than him. If I hadn’t gone for the double date, I would have never seen him. I am very lucky to have a loving husband like him. He is my darling and has given me two adorable angels. He is always there for supporting me in my goods and bads. Without him, I am nothing.”

Sunny was definitely right as Emmanuel has always been a right husband and a perfect father who makes her life beautiful just like she imagined when she saw him for the first time. Some love stories are worth fighting for and theirs is one of them.      

Meet The Couple Sunny Hostin And Emmanuel Hostin's Beautiful Family And Children!!!

The American Lawyer cum multiplatform journalist Sunny Hostin married her longtime boyfriend Dr. Emmanuel Hostin in a small intimate wedding ceremony on 8 August 1998 in front of family members, relatives, and close friends.

The couple has been together for more than two decades and is proud parents of two beautiful children; son Gabriel and daughter Paloma.

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The pair does not hesitate to show their love on social media. Sunny frequently shares the picture of her hubby and children stating how much she loves them.

Even after being together for more than 20 years, the power duo still holds a strong bond and a healthy relationship. They are definitely an inspiration. 

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