How Canadian Professional Hockey Player Sidney Crosby Built His Million Dollar Net Worth? His Contract Details And Earning

News by Azen Published on 12 Dec,2018 Updated on 12 Dec,2018

Sidney Patrick Crosby is a Canadian professional hockey player of the National Hockey League(NHL). He is the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL. He started his professional career in 2005.

Crosby was drafted in 2005 NHL Entry Draft in first overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Sidney Crosby is nicknamed as "Sid the Kid" and dubbed "The Next One".  He is also regarded as one of the greatest hockey players of all time.  To know about the Net worth of the phenomenal hockey player Crosby stay with us. 

Sidney Crosby Earns Well From His Profession; Has Managed A Huge Net Worth

Sidney Crosby one of the talented players of the hockey started his professional career serving under one team, Pittsburgh Penguins. Renowned players like Chris Conner and Craig Simpson also served for the Penguins.

Crosby was in the top five highest paid NHL player from 2013-2016 seasons having the salary of $12million each season. 

CAPTION: Crosby Sidney SOURCE: CDN Olympic

As of 2018, Sidney Crosby's has a net worth of $55 million which has increased compared to earlier year. Back in 2014 -2016 his estimated net worth was from $30 million to $45 million.

Sidney Crosby's Salary

Talking about Sidney's salary he earns $10.9 million per season and he also has many endorsements deals from which he receives $4.8 million annually. His sponsors include sports business brands like Adidas, Verizon, Gatorade, and Hallmark.    

Moreover, Crosby previous contract details and cash earning are shown below.

12yrs/$104,400,000 - $8,700,000 2025/UFA

Cash earning:

2005 Pittsburgh Penguins $765,000 $2,850,000
2006 Pittsburgh Penguins $765,000 $2,850,000
2007 Pittsburgh Penguins $765,000 $2,850,000
2008 Pittsburgh Penguins $9,000,000 -
2009 Pittsburgh Penguins $9,000,000 -
2010 Pittsburgh Penguins $9,000,000 -
2011 Pittsburgh Penguins $9,000,000 -
2012 Pittsburgh Penguins $4,390,244 -
2013 Pittsburgh Penguins $12,000,000 -
2014 Pittsburgh Penguins  $12,000,000 -
2015 Pittsburgh Penguins  $12,000,000 -
2016 Pittsburgh Penguins  $12,000,000 -
2017 Pittsburgh Penguins  $10,900,000 -
2018 Pittsburgh Penguins  $10,900,000 -

Sidney Crosby's House And Cars

Sidney Crosby the highest paid player of NFL owns a house in Edgeworth, Pennsylvania. According to sources, the property costs $800,000 which he purchased in 2011.

CAPTION: Sidney Crosby house in Edgeworth, Pennsylvania SOURCE: virtual globetrotting

Talking about cars, Sidney Crosby owns Tesla cost $94,000 and Range Rover worth $100,000. 

CAPTION: Tesla car owned by Sidney SOURCE:
CAPTION: Range Rover owned by Sidney SOURCE:

The Range Rover might have given him the space he needed whereas Tesla the environment-friendly provides a beautiful, well-built interior.  

Sidney Crosby: Quick Facts

  1. From 2005 to 2010 Sidney lived with Penguins team owner Mario Lemieux later he purchased his own house.
  2. Sidney was the youngest captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins to win Stanley Cup in 2008.
  3. Sidney had his contract extended with the Penguins to the 2024-25 season with an average annual salary of $8.7 million. 
  4. Crosby is not only hockey-playing member of his family. His sister Taylor Crosby and his father Troy Crosby are also hockey player.
  5. Crosby wears uniform No. 87 because he was born on 08-07-1987.
  6. He is dating bridal model Kathy Leutner.