James Franco Snubbed From The Oscars Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations?

News by Riya Published on 24 Jan,2018 Updated on 24 Jan,2018

Celebrated Hollywood A-lister James Franco took home the Golden Globe for best actor for his role in the film The Disaster Artist, recognized as one of the best films of 2017. 

Right after the Golden Globes, a former actress girlfriend accused him of sexual misconduct which Franco has vehemently denied so far. On January 11, five women, including his students accused Franco of sexually inappropriate behavior-removing ''protective plastic guards covering other actresses' vagina while stimulating oral sex on them'' on sets during filming-Come the Oscars, Franco doesn't get nominated in the best actor category, has the sexual allegations played a vital role in the decision? 

The awards season started with everyone wearing black to the Golden Globes in support of the Time's Up movement, is the Academy doing its own bit as well? 

James Franco At The Golden Globes 2018

The best actor category for 2018 includes Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour to whom Franco lost the SAG award this year, Timothée Chalamet for Call Me By Your Name, Daniel Day-Lewis for Phantom Thread, Daniel Kaluuya for Get Out and Denzel Washington for Roman J. Israel, Esq. 

James Franco's performance in the movie-about-a-movie was well received, he went all in with his 
European accent, prosthetic nose, and whatnot. His performance received honors at the Golden Globes, Gothman Awards, and Critics' Choice Awards, making ''the king of awards'', Oscars the only major awards shows to snub him. 

After Franco's Golden Globe acceptance, actress Ally Sheedy slammed him on Twitter in a series of tweets:

Actress Ally Sheedy Slams James Franco 

After the Globes, many interpreted his Time’s Up pin as hypocritical including Scarlett Johansson who at the Los Angeles Women's March said,  “I want my pin back.''

The question on everyone's lips at the moment is, '' Did  the Academy snub Franco over the sexual misconduct allegations against him?'' The answer is ' possibly' as Oscars has been the only major awards shows to snub him so far, but the Academy isn't famous for cutting out nominations for men accused of sexual harassment. 

Gary Oldman who is nominated for best actor was accused by his then-wife of beating her with a telephone in front of their two toddlers in 2001, Oldman denied those claims. Another example is Casey Affleck who won the best actor for Manchester By the Sea in 2017, he has been accused of sexual misconduct as well.

Also, Mel Gibson, who has counts of domestic violence allegations against him and is popular for his anti-semitic rants was nominated for Hacksaw Ridge under the best director category. 

So, Franco being snubbed could be the Academy trying to ride with the wave for the moment. Or, it could be the ride in the right direction. Time will tell?