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Updated on: Jun 19, 2017

Phoebe Cates married to Kevin Kline: Know all the interesting Facts about her Married Life and Children

The Fast Times at Ridgemont High actress Phoebe Cates is living a happy married life with her husband Kevin Kline. The 53-year-old former model has already spent healthy 28 years with her husband.

On living as a husband and wife, they probably went through various ups and downs but they didn't let it ruin their relationship. Phoebe also has two children with her husband which has made their married relationship even stronger. We have the full details.

Phoebe Cates Married  Life with Kevin Kline and Their Children Together

The Gremlins' actress Phoebe met Kevin Kline in 1983. Phoebe met him while auditioning for the movie Te Big Chill. Though there was a huge age gap of 16 years, they gradually advanced their friendship to become a romantic relationship. 

Famous American actressPhoebe Cates

Famous American former actressPhoebe Cates

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They dated for quite some time before getting married. The couple was madly in love when they got married in 1989, just like the way they are now!

Phoebe Cates with her husband Kevin Kline

Phoebe Cates with her husband Kevin Kline

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Cates and Kline's marriage is one of the most successful Hollywood relationships as we see many of the celebrity couples divorcing each year. On staying as a husband-wife for over 28 years, the couple has celebrated their parenthood for two times. Cates gave birth to their first child, Owen in 1991 whereas they had their second child, Greta in 1994.

Phoebe Cates with her husband Kevin Kline

Phoebe Cates with her husband Kevin Kline

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Currently, the couple is living together in the New York City, New York with their two children. Phoebe has retired from her acting career while her husband Kevin is still involved in his career actively. Cates is active in charity works these days.

Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline with their cildren

Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline with their children

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She is devoted to collecting money charities that help type 1 diabetes patients. Her son also suffers from the same condition, she's been a devoted a mother all throughout the ordeal. 

Know about Phoebe Cates' Past Relationships

We don't have that long list of an affair history of the former American actress Cates. As she met her husband in early years, Cates doesn't have a long dating history. However, she definitely had a few affairs in her past.

Phoebe Cates and Willie Aames during their film shooting

Phoebe Cates and Willie Aames during their film shooting

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As per sources, she had a boyfriend before she met her soul mate Kevin. She is known to have dated Stavros Merjos for three years starting from 1979.

After her relationship ended with her first boyfriend Merjos, she was rumored to be dating an American actor Willie Aames. As per the source, she dated Willie for around a year.

All that's in the past, Phoebe Cates is now happily married to 16 years older Kevin Kline.