Youtuber Gigi Gorgeous Hugely Criticized For Intensive Walmart Video

News by Joey Jordan Published on 10 Nov,2017 Updated on 10 Nov,2017

YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous released her new insensitive video 'I wear Walmart for a Week' four days ago (5 November), and within days, she has been heavily criticized by her fans and followers.

The glamorous YouTuber challenged herself to wear only low budget clothes for an entire week instead of her usual high-end wardrobe. However, her fans were quick enough to point out that the video was offensive.

Many of her fans have mentioned in the comment that the video might pinch those who didn't have a choice about where they shopped. After seeing the full video, many of the viewers felt that she was mocking those who go at Walmart at one point when she said, 'beggars can't be choosers' when she couldn't find a pencil skirt in her size.

Gorgeous tried to find a number of outfits for her week including for her red carpet look, as well as day to day outfits. She also questioned a Walmart employee: 'So this isn't your dream job?'

One of the users wrote in her comment box:

Try to stay humble because you never know if Walmart becomes all you can afford and the people working there become bigger than you. #nohatejustadvice.

Another pointed out her tone by saying:

Calls everyone that shops at Walmart beggars...

Gigi Gorgeous Gregory Allan Lazzarato identified herself as bisexual and she came out as a lesbian in a YouTube video on September 14, 2016.