Youtube star Yousef Erakat known as "Fousey", Know about his Relation and Dating History

News by Clarence Published on 17 Jun,2017 Updated on 06 Aug,2017

YouTube has now been a new way of gaining name, fame, and money. The YouTube star is no less than any celebrities and has huge fan followers. Likewise, Yousef Erakat has millions of subscribers, so his fans are keen to know about her personal life including his dating life and relationship history.

Now without any furthermore delay, let's learn about YouTube star Yousef Erakat aka Fousey's personal pieces of stuff. Let's explore all about his dating life and past affairs.

Who is Yousef Erakat dating?

You know, it's always hard to find out the personal information of the people than the personal life. And it's like a new trend among the celebrity to hide their life and stuff.

After Erakat's break up with Alicia Tyre, his millions of fans were worried about him. There were headlines of his dating life with Lilly Singh. Some sites claim that their relationship is just a rumor. However, they are featured together in many videos.

While checking his Instagram account, he shares a couple of pictures with Daniela Banikova. They are rumored to be dating at the moment, but both have not spoken a word. We need to wait till Fousey or Banikova discloses it.

Yousef Erakat's Past Affairs

Speaking of Erakat's dating life; he once was in a relationship with Alicia Tyre. She is also a YouTube star widely famous for her YouTube channel "Salt." She hit the spotlight for her videos and tattoos.

According to the sources, the couple started dating in 2016. Just after several months of dating, the couple quit off their relationship and separated. The exact reason behind their relationship is still not revealed.

Many of the viewers claimed him a gay and they consider his sexuality to be the main reason behind their break up. However, both Erakat and Fousey did not speak a single word on this particular topic. Also, Fousey did not reply a thing about his sexuality thus this question remains mysterious till date.

In one of the interviews with Fuse Tv, he is spotted giving advises to balance the relationship and to maintain it.

He said:

"If you're ready for the relationship, do what it takes to be in the relationship. And if you're not, stay single and do whatever the hell you want. Then you won't get in trouble. It's that simple."

YouTube star Yousef Erakat's rumors of his dating life blow up time and again in the media, but there is no any confirmed news about it. We hope, Erakat shares his personal life information to his fans. Till he reveals it, stay close to Article bio for updates.