Young Mississippi Man Charged With Three Counts Of Murder Of His Mother, Sister, And Grandmother

News by Joey Jordan Published on 17 Sep,2018 Updated on 17 Sep,2018

A Mississippi Man Charged With Murder Of Grandmother, Mother, And Sister

  • Jackson police arrested a differently able man from his house after they found him involved in three murders.
  • Maurice Forte, 22, was found in a wheelchair at his home while his mother, grandmother, and sister were found dead back of the home where all three were shot with a gun.
  • Forte has been charged with three counts of murder.
  • He has been held without bond and is awaiting of the initial court hearing.

A differently able man from Mississippi has been charged with three counts of murder after his grandmother, mother, and sister were found dead in their house.

The Jackson Police Department released a statement on Sunday, 16th September saying Maurice Forte, 22, is facing three counts of murder.

The police further reported the victims were identified as Forte's grandmother, Eddie Mae Wofford, 67, his mother Miyuki Wofford, 49 and sister Kyisha Wofford, 26. Police recovered all three bodies from the backside of the house where all three were wounded severely with the gunshot. Police pronounced all three dead at the scene.

CAPTION: Mississippi man charged with three counts of murder SOURCE: Daily Mail

Police responded the Jackson home around 11 on Sunday morning after receiving the emergency call about someone being held against their will. As the officers arrived, they found a man in a wheelchair outside the home with a firearm near him. Police said Forte told them that he shot them.

Then police took Forte in for inquiry and later charged him with all three deaths. Authorities are yet to open up what led the man to the shootings. Meanwhile, Forte is being held without bond and is awaiting an initial court appearance.