Yanet Garcia: Worlds Sexiest Weather Woman

News by Bartle Published on 25 Mar,2016 Updated on 25 Mar,2016

If you ever happen to wonder how the weather is going to be but run short of an access to a weather forecast then just ask the closest Mexican around you; he will know all answers because Mexico has literally been going berserk over the weather forecast. ‘Why?’ you may ask. Well, this is all because of this amazingly sexy weather girl called Yanet Garcia from Monterrey, Mexico. Just to get a glimpse of the curvaceous beauty, people may miss the headlines, but will definitely make it on time for the weather in the news.

Thanks to her addictive beauty, this 24 year old female has become an internet celebrity. Often, this young lady has been called to bear resemblances to Kim Kardashian. This has made her even more famous in her domain. The radical ascent in the number of admirers and followers she possesses has mostly been credited to men sharing her attractive pictures on various social media and forums, comparing with the voluptuous Kim, thereby constantly fuelling the fire this unprecedentedly hot woman has set.

Ruling the social media, Garcia is followed by 1.7 million+ on Instagram, has 170K+ fans on Twitter and 1.1 million+ likes on her Facebook page and these numbers are increasing as you are reading this. Yanet, with a height of 5ft 6inches and weighing 54kgs, landed the job as a TV weather presenter at Televisa Monterrey. She can be seen flaunting tight-fitting dresses in the weather presentation.

Before this job, Yanet used to work as a model who participated in Nuevo Leon’s blaze of modeling competition. Right now, she also trains young aspiring wannabe models at her own modeling academy she opened back in Mexico called the Yanet Garcia Models. She has a net worth of $3 million and seems pretty content with her current workstation as she has turned down interests from organizations from UK, Canada and the US. But one thing that sets her magnanimousness apart is her sheer modesty. She, no doubt, looks amazing but states that she is stunned because of her sudden rise in fan base.

 Now let us steer towards her love life. Right now, she is dating this professional Call of Duty player named Doug Censor Martin a.k.a. Faze Censor. Rumors have hit the floor about the two getting married, but as of now, they seem alright with just being girlfriends and boyfriends.

Yanet has told in interviews that her looks were inherited to her (of course). However, she also mentions that she spends a lot of time working out to stay fit. She says that as soon as she gets some free time, she hits the gym for keeping herself toned with some exercise. All in all, we can say that Yanet has come to be the most recognized and definitely the sexiest weather woman today.