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 A famous Chinese politician, Xi Jinping, is currently serving as a General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Chairman of the Central Military Commission and President of the People's Republic of China.

Jinping is known and respected for his integrity, which he maintained to keep intact despite the party being named in the scandals. The Socialist leader dedicates his life to a betterment of the country and its people.

Early life and Education

Xi Jinping was born on 15th June 1953 in Beijing. He belongs to White ethnicity and holds Chinese nationality. He was born to Xi Zhongxun, a leader of the Communist takeover in China back in 1949.

In 1962, his father, Zhongxun was removed from his position of Vice-Premier and later imprisoned. Jinping was sent to the rural village of Liangjiahe to work and live among the locals, where his popularity grew among the people.

Jinping went to the capital city of Beijing to learn chemical engineering at Tsinghua University, where most of China’s governing elite is produced.

Throughout his youth, he had tried to join the 'Communist Party' many times. He was consistently rejected due to his father’s broken relationship with the party.


In 1974, Xi Jinping entered the party, beginning his political career as an aide to Geng Biao, a top leader of the 'People’s Liberation Army.' Jinping worked three years as the party secretary in Hebei province of China.

Transferred to Fujian in 1985, Jinping worked in several party posts, beginning as a Deputy Mayor of Xiamen. He proposed various infrastructure improvements, all of which were rejected by the provincial authorities.

In 1987, Jinping transferred to Ningde, where he worked as a district party chief. He launched a conservation campaign that beautified the major artery connecting Ningde to greater Fujian province.

Jinping was the party leader of Fuzhou, the provincial capital, from 1998 to 2000. Credited with stimulating foreign investment, he revitalized the historical ‘Three Lanes & Seven Alleys’ section.

His reputation as an honest and efficient politician rose steadily during his time in the Fujian province. In 2000, he was named Fujian’s provincial governor.

In 2003, Jinping moved to the province of Zhejiang, where he worked as governor and party secretary. During his tenure, private industry quadrupled its research and development investment in a region.

In 2007, he was picked to lead the party in Shanghai. The following year was a watershed year for Xi Jinping. He was named the 'Standing Committee of the Communist Party, ' and thereafter he became the President of the PRC.

In 2012, he was elected 'General Secretary of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.' As China is a one-party state, it is functionally the most powerful position in the country.

Later that same year, Jinping was elected President, a title that confers him the position of head of state. Together with his political supremacy, he qualified for the designation of ‘Paramount Leader.’

His writings 'The Governance of China,' a compilation of political philosophy released in 2014 by 'ICP Intercultural Press' ranked among the top 50 in the ‘politics and government; Asian’ category of the Amazon rankings.

The same year, 'Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press' published 'Approachable: The Charm of Jinping’s Words'; a collection of quotes by President Xi Jinping.

Personal life

Xi Jinping married twice in his life. He first married Ke Lingling, the daughter of Ke Hua, an amba s sador to Britain in the early 1980s. The former pair tied the knot in 1979, and after three years of togetherness, they divorced in 1982. 

In 1987, Jinping married a folk singer, Peng Liyuan, renowned for her performances on the state TV and as a fashion trendsetter. Also, she holds the rank of General in 'People’s Liberation Army.'

The couple had their one child, a daughter Xi Mingze in 27th June 1992. Mingze studied at the 'Harvard University.' After graduating, she maintains a low profile.

In 1985, Jinping made a trip to the U.S., where he stayed with a rural family in Iowa. Until his ascendency to the presidency, this popular politician’s wife was better known nationally.

Net worth

Xi Jinping is a popular Chinese politician who serves as the General Secretary of Communist Party of a China. He is also the President of the People’s Republic of China, & holds the position of Chairman of the Central Military Commission. 

According to China’s ministry of human resources & social security, Jinping’s base salary will now be a whopping 11,385 yuan (about $1,830) a month, up from 7,020 yuan and about $22,000 a year.

As a comparison, Barack Obama, US President earns $400,000 a year, & Hong Kong’s controversial chief executive makes about $545,000 a year. 

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