Woman Charged With Murder Of 16-Year-Old Georgia Girl In 1975 Dies Before Trial

News by Joey Jordan Published on 23 Apr,2019

Indict Murderer Of 1975, Mary Jane Stewart Dies At 61, Confirmed Just Before Her Trial

  • Indict murderer of 1975 cold case Mary Jane Stewart died at 61.
  • Stewart who was accused of stabbing her then-roommate Cheryl White to death.
  • Sources confirmed Steward died in October 2018 who was released on bond after her arrest in 2017.
  • She died due to acute chronic respiratory failure. She was set to appear in court in May 2019.

The indict of the 1975 cold murder of Georgia teenager has died. The woman Mary Jane Stewart, 61, died in October while in hospice care.

Stewart was just 18 when she stabbed a 16-year-old girl Cheryl White to death. White was found dead on November 12, 1975, in the apartment she shared with Stewart in Warner Robins.

According to the indictment, White was stabbed in the chest and had her throat slit with a knife at her apartment and she died at the scene.

CAPTION: The Accused murderer of 1975 cold murder case Mary Jane Stewart died SOURCE: Metro

Steward, the accused murderer of White was arrested in 2017 in Texas and later she was released on bond and her trial was set for May. However, the investigators recently learned that she died in hospice care in San Antonio last October.

Eric Edwards, Houston County assistant district attorney told Steward's death certificate stated she died on October 23, 2018, from acute chronic respiratory failure. Edward told,

There is an element of disappointment there. They were to finally, at last, to get to see the woman that we believe was the one that killed their daughter put on trial.

Edward revealed he informed Cheryl's father first after receiving the death certificate last week.