Woman Arrested Under Suspicion Of Murder Of A 21-Year-Old French Nanny And Burning Her

News by Joey Jordan Published on 22 Sep,2017 Updated on 22 Sep,2017

Sabrina Quider, the ex-girlfriend of a pop star has been taken into custody along with a man on suspicion of killing her French nanny and burning the body in the garden.

As per Daily Mail, parents walking their children home from school informed police after finding a large blaze and ‘foul-smelling’ in the £900,000 flat’s garden.

Sabrina Quider has been arrested under suspect of murder

Sabrina Quider has been arrested under suspicion of murder

Source: Daily Mail

As the police reached the crime scene at the affluent South London suburb around 6:30 pm on Wednesday, the body was so badly burned they couldn’t even identify her age and gender. But some locals said she was known as Sophie Lionnet- came to London to learn English.

According to Mail Online, The Frenchwoman had been with the family for around 14 months- caring for her three-year-old daughter and a son of age 6.

Neighbors said Quider, who claims to work as a stylist, make-up artist, fashion designer, and a songwriter, ‘had a lot of money’ and has a  busy social life.

Miss Quider separated from her husband a few month age who is an Irish singer, currently working as a successful music artist in Los Angeles.

Police taking the dead body out of the scene

Police taking the dead body out of the scene

Source: Daily Mail

One of the Nanny’s friend said: She came to London to learn English, but found it very difficult here. She also added,

The father of a son left home some time ago, and she has a new boyfriend, who is also French-Algerian. It was him to introduce Sabrina to Sophie.

Sabrina was arrested from the scene with a 40-year-old man, and they are not charged with any case yet as the police are still interrogating them on suspicion of murder.