Winning Numbers for Mega Millions Jackpot for $350 million OUT! $307 Powerball Drawing on Wednesday

News by Riya Published on 09 Aug,2017 Updated on 09 Aug,2017

U.S lottery players have a lot to rejoice about as The Mega Millions jackpot got a whole lot bigger. Tuesday's drawing for Mega Millions jackpot has been increased to $350 million, that means the winner gets $218 million in hard cash. In Mega Millions' history, this is the 7th biggest in history. 

And the winning numbers for the 7th largest Mega Millions jackpot aaaaaaare: 11, 17, 50, 52, 74 and 14. The jackpot worth$346 million is the 21st biggest prize in the history of U.S. lottery. 

The last drawing, for the second prize worth $1 million, is on Friday, and only one ticket has been sold, reportedly in Michigan.

Where David Trapp bought his winning ticket

Where David Trapp bought his winning ticket

After David Trapp won $61 million prize money from a ticket he bought in Laguna Hills, Calif at a 7-Eleven on April 28, no one has won the Mega Millions jackpot. Mega millions is a twice-weekly lottery drawing, three winnings have been recorded so far this year.  A $177 million worth winning ticket was sold on  March 31 in Arkansas and a$191 million winning ticket was sold on January 28 in California.

In seven years of U.S. lotteries selling both Mega Millions and Powerball tickets, this is the first time winnings have reached above $300 million for each lottery.

The top prize for Powerball drawing this Wednesday night is a $ 307 million.