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William Samuel "Wil" Horneff, born on June 12, 1979, is a former American child actor and martial artist. He received two Young Artist Awards out of three nominations. After concluding his acting career, he established Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA, teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Born in Englewood, New Jersey, and raised in Saddle River, he is the eldest among four children of Robin and Van Horneff.

William's parents were involved in arts education and business. Horneff attended Bergen Catholic High School and later earned an English degree from Columbia University after a break from acting and international travels. Notable acting credits include "The Shining," "The Sandlot," and "Dead Tone," among others.

Early Life

Wil Horneff, the eldest among four siblings, has two sisters, Samantha and Vanessa Horneff (the latter being an actress), along with a brother named John. He was raised in Saddle River, New Jersey. His parents are Robin Horneff and Van Horneff.

Wil Horneff during his childhood. SOURCE: Boyactors

Wil completed his education at Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell, New Jersey. Horneff pursued studies at both UPenn and Columbia University in New York City, ultimately earning a degree in English from Columbia.

What Is Wil Horneff's Net Worth?

Wil Horneff's estimated net worth is reportedly around $1 million, sourced from his career as a television actor and potentially from other business endeavors. His financial standing reflects earnings from his television acting career and potentially diversified business ventures beyond the entertainment industry.

Unfortunately, detailed information regarding specific income sources or box office collections from Wil's movies is not readily available based on the provided search results.

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Who Is Wil Horneff's Wife?

Wil Horneff and his wife Alisha Dalgewicz have shared their lives together since 2005 and formalized their union in marriage in 2008, marking over 15 years of a strong and enduring relationship.

Wil Horneff with his wife Alisha Horneff. SOURCE: FamousFix

In December 2019, the couple Wil and Alisha celebrated the arrival of their first child, a daughter, marking a significant milestone in their journey together. Throughout their marriage, they've fostered a loving and lasting bond, reflecting their commitment to each other.

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Career Highlights 

Wil Horneff began his career as a child actor, achieving recognition for his role as Phillips in the renowned film "The Sandlot." His success led to roles in movies like "Born to Be Wild," "Ghost in the Machine," "The Yearling," "A Dance for Bethany," "Alchemy," "Dead Tone," and "The Roost," showcasing his versatility across genres.

Transitioning to TV, Wil appeared in notable series such as "Law & Order," "House," "CSI: NY," "The Handler," and in the TV adaptation of Stephen King's "The Shining." Subsequently, Horneff shifted focus from acting to pursuing other interests.

Wil founded Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA, reflecting his commitment to martial arts and fitness, marking a transition from his successful acting career to his current role as a martial arts instructor. This journey highlights his diverse talents and evolving interests beyond the entertainment industry.


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by Jonathan, 30 Nov, 2023

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