Who is xsparkage?

News by Bartle Published on 12 Mar,2015 Updated on 12 Mar,2015

Xsparkage is a beauty website that is hosted by United States of America. The website whose web link is has been providing fashion and beauty tips along with health care suggestions. The website, which is hosted for the benefit of the people has attracted a lot of people from around the world and not just the USA. It is being hosted by a fitness teacher and ex- fashion guru named Leesha. Although there is not much information about her, she has got a twitter account where you can follow her She describes herself as a blogger, animal lover, foodie and a silly person who likes silly things. Originally from Arizona, she currently lives in New York and has earned much popularity after hosting the website.

Leesah was born in a middle class business family in Arizona, where she did her schooling with her siblings. She said that her mother was her greatest inspiration, who used to work in a parlor and her job was to make other women look pretty. As it happened, her mother used to beautify her as a child thus she was attracted into the world of cosmetics and beauty. From her sophomore year in high school, Leesah was very excited about makeups and when one of her friend took her to the MAC Pro Store in Hollywood for the first time, “My eyes remained wide open” she said. The variety of make-ups and cosmetics there were far more than what Leesha had imagined and it attracted her more towards itself. Thus it was from then that she started to surf throughout the internet about cosmetics and makeup and started to write blogs and publish articles inline as well as in women and beauty magazines. “But to become beautiful wasn’t all about makeup” added Leesah, who later started to come up with health ideas and tips to remain fit. She believes that a beautiful person has not only a good face but also is very healthy and positive from inside. She started to create her own videos and uploaded in YouTube channels, which currently attracts more than 500 thousand subscriber and viewers. Leesah, who is very health conscious also says that she is a foodie and a traveler. From my childhood, I have loved food and always want to try something new and get to know people from their food. She says that her mother was a fantastic cook and tried new recipes in the kitchen, which she started to follow with her age. She is also an animal lover and a photographer who loves to travel as much as she can. Leesha is a married woman and in 2014, gave birth to her daughter named Violet. There is not much news about her spouse and their current relationship.

Xsparkage is very popular as it has more than 25 thousand new viewers coming up every month. As a result, Leesah must have a pretty good income, although it is not disclosed yet.