Who is the new girl in Jake Vargas' life? Is he in any affair or relationship?

News by Saburo Published on 18 May,2017 Updated on 04 Aug,2017

A native of Olongapo, Philippines, Jake Vargas is a well-known television actor, singer-songwriter, and musician. Jake is famous for portraying the role of young Tristan in the remake of Stairway To Heaven.

The Filipino TV personality has earned fame with GMA hits shows like Reel Love Presents, Tween Hearts, Captain Barbel, and Home Sweet Home.

Currently, Vargas portrays the role of Gilas in “Encantadia” as Gilas. But, the important question here is, Does he have a girlfriend? Let's find out here.

Is Jake Vargas single or in a relationship?

Jake Vargas loves teasing his fan through his social medias. Vargas posted a  photo with a girl inside his car with a caption "You're the reason I smiled again". Without mentioning the girl name, Jake has dramatically tagged comments of the actor named "Cello Mendoza."

Image: Jake Vargas got a new girl who made him smile once again


Vargas is quite notorious for keeping his private life under the radar, but never failing to spark a few flames. The recently broken up actor seems to be getting on with his life, but still, hasn't revealed who the girl in that Insta post is! Didn't I mention he likes teasing his fans? 

A Brief Account of Jake Vargas' relationships

Jake Vargas, the star of tv show ‘Pepito Manalo to’ has had two public relations dating back to 2013. According to some reports, Jake Vargas has publicly dated two women, both younger than him.

Image: Jake Vargas, Bea Binene

source: Fanpop

Jake Vargas, 24, was romantically linked to Bea Binene in 2012. Binene is an actress, singer, dancer and an athlete based in the Philippines. Jake Vargas dated Binene for about two years. However, the couple finally separated in 2014 citing immaturity problem in the relationship.

Image: Bea Binene, Jake Vargas


Despite the breakup, Bea said she is happy for Jake Vargas. Bea Binene, 19, told sources that Jake was her first love. According to Bea Binene, Vargas ex-girlfriend, a third party, not from the film industry was the main reason behind their break up. 

Apparently, Vargas was the one to end the relationship. Following the break up with Bea Binene, Jake Vargas was rumored to have hooked up with Ella Cruz in October 2013. Ella Cruz is a 20-year-old Filipino actress, born in Bulacan, Philipines. 

Talking about her relationship with Vargas, and reasons for the breakups, Bea said: 

Too many to mention,

I will not say I've completely moved on but maybe luck has always been that need to receive eh.'' she added.

Jake admitted to having a crush on Ella Cruz. However, their dating rumor lasted for only a month. 

Image: Ella Cruz, Filipino actress  Source: Philstar

Image: Ella Cruz, Filipino actress

Source: Philstar

Jake and Kapamilya actress, Ella Cruz are only good friends for now. Jake enjoys her company; he described her as kind and beautiful.