Who is sky sports' anchor Olivia Wayne married to? Know about her, her husband, and her career, here

News by Clarence Published on 08 Aug,2016 Updated on 08 Aug,2016

Hot and seductive sports news host for Sky sports Olivia Godfrey was born in 1986 in London, England. The thirty-years-old actress Olivia is Married to Zeb Wayne who is a DJ by profession and the Couple is expecting their first baby this year.

Olivia Godfrey's Early Life & Career

Sky news host Olivia is a BA Graduate in American and Canadian studies which prove that she is not only charming but a qualified host working for Sky Sports Network. Even if her education is focused on anthropology and American studies, she is a host for SSN sports channel which is one of the most dominant sports channel in UK and Ireland. She is excellent Presenter and Broadcaster for Sky Sports under the umbrella of Sky PLC which is the pioneer of  British Commercial  sports news. 

Before joining Sky news, the 30 years old Olivia Godfrey worked as an intern for the famous Warner Brothers productions in Hollywood. She successfully hosted many events for WB productions in starting phase of her career. After that, she was an active participant in many fashions and talk shows in LA including Fashion PR. and Talk Pr. in  Stella McCartney’s Press office she became a host of and Go West music event.

Olivia worked as the host of a program called "Making the Videos", where she worked with many famous musicians and song artists including Mischa Paris. When she returned to London, she was requested to host Fashion Awards and was offered to work for Vogue TV and Net-a-porter but as a football fan, she pursued her career in Sports anchoring which helped her to gain the name and fame she holds today. She has an exciting career as a sports journalist and has the net worth of $14.6 million. 

Exploring Sports Anchor Olivia Wayne's Personal & Married Life

Olivia is married to the famous London based DJ Zeb Wayne known as DJ Wayne. The couple seems to be happy together in the images posted on social sites. The young duo is ready to invite a young one in the family.  Bringing a newborn into the house while they both are working to lift their starting career seems like a bold decision but the couple is very excited about the baby. 

Olivia posted her picture in a striped maxi from the famous Seraphine Maternity wardrobe collection and posed for a picture with an elevated lower belly to give the proof of her pregnancy to the world. 

The image proved they Olivia and DJ Zeb are having a baby which is the ultimate reward for this DJ and news anchor duo. 

As male partners are accused of developing extra affairs while his better half is expecting but this "DJ Up to Daddy" is a loyal lover as they have been away from having any extramarital affairs.