Who is Sheena Reyes dating currently?is she still single?Know about her Affairs and Relationship

News by Saburo Published on 17 Jun,2017 Updated on 16 Aug,2017

Popular Australian actress Sheena Reyes, well rejoice! Because she is unmarried! That's on you because we at Article Bio Like to wish for celebs' good romantic life!

You can't blame us, we love the gossip! And today we have some details on Sheena Reyes' romantic life!

Does actress Sheena Reyes Have a Boyfriend?

The Navigator star Sheena is enjoying peak success in her professional life. But, ever since the beginning of her career, she has less talked about for her personal life.

Sheena Reyes, Source: Imdb

Reyes has remained silent about her affairs and love life. She is not sharing her romantic life on social media like others celebs.

However, we do know that she is close to her family and friends. She frequently shares her pictures with a baby girl who is her niece. It seems like she is quite fond of her.

What is The Navigator star Sheena Reyes Up To These Days?

Sheena Reyes currently filming the Australian TV series Method which is in under post-production at the moment. She was keenly interested in media during her childhood which led her to become the popular actress in Australia.

She is a Guinness World Record holder, she broke the record at Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Albert Park for putting on the Most Pairs of Under Pants in 60 seconds: 22 Pairs.

But she didn't stop there, Reyes broke her existing record on the set of Channel Seven's, The Morning show hosted by Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies on 20 June 2011.

Reyes has trained theater artist and dance, including the NIDA- The Actor's Program, hip-hop, and Jazz at Sidney Dance Company, Vic Youth Theater, TAFTA and Presenting at Bravo Studios. Besides this, she also facilitates acting and dance workshops for school-age children.  

Quick Facts About Sheena Reyes: 

  • Her parents were from Pilipino. 
  • She was born in 1987.  
  • She is two times Guinness World Record Holder for Putting on the Most Pairs of Under Pants in 60 Seconds: 36 Pairs. 
  • Her debut TV series was 2006 Kids' WB. 
  • Her latest film is 3 Hours Until Dead 2017.  

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