Who is Madalyn Horcher's Boyfriend? Relationship and Career Details Here!

News by Clarence Published on 11 Jul,2017 Updated on 23 May,2018

Madalyn Horcher is the girl who started her acting career from a child guest role on House and My Parents in 2010. Come 2018, Horcher is now hot and back in the movies, and everyone around her curious to know her romantic life details. 

Horcher who has worked on the movie Jack Reacher: Never Go Back with the Hollywood star Tom Cruise is also known for bringing to life Chloe Solano in the 2014 miniseries Gracepoint. In 2017, she appeared in the TV series The Night Shift.

Is Madalyn Horcher Dating Someone?

Yesss..!! Madalyn is dating a successful real estate investor Glenroy Brown also known as "Real Estate Glen".


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This guy is just 23 years old, he is from Long Island New York and recently living in Los Angeles, Glenroy is a very smart guy with good asset management skills and real estate strategies. He is also active in public awareness programs.

What is Actress Madalyn Horcher up to These Days?

Madalyn Horcher is recently working on the TV series The Night Shift. It is a medical drama, the plot revolves around a hospital dealing with the several challenges doctors there face while saving the life of patients, including changes in their own life. That's quite not all there's to the series though. 

source: spoiler tv

The hospital is focused on the war veterans. Showing the real experience of the medical personnel is the key focus of the series. Mandalyn works on the role of Abby Carpenter, a wounded girl brought to the hospital for treatment. The series was released on 22 June 2017.

Quick Facts

  • Born on September 22, 1995.
  • Started a career in 2010 as a guest role
  • Birth sign: Virgo
  • In 2014 she played opposite Lorenzo James Henrie in the adventure comedy riding 79.
  • featured in a movie "Jack Reacher" with the Hollywood star Tom Cruise.
  • She is a first actress known for bringing to life Chloe Solano in the 2014 miniseries Gracepoint.
  • She is also a talented singer.
  • Her father was an American Veteran.