Who is Kate Arrington? Know some interesting facts about her

News by Clarence Published on 22 Apr,2016 Updated on 02 Sep,2020

Kate Arrington was born in Plainfield, New Jersey. She graduated from Northwestern University. She made her Broadway debut in The American Plan and appeared off-Broadway in Happy Now. A member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Arrington stars alongside her real-life love, Michael Shannon, in the Broadway premiere of Grace.

Her film credits include Hello I Must Be Going, Missing Person and The King of Iron. Growing up in the Bible belt, Kate Arrington attended Bible camp; she said in an interview “not because I was Christian—it’s just what you did if you wanted to have friends.”

When she was six, she found a new group of pals in the North Carolina Theatre production of Camelot, starring two-time Tony nominee Terrence Mann as King Arthur. “I’ve probably done more plays with that man than anyone else,” said the actress.

She also counts Broadway vet Lauren Kennedy among her childhood theater friends. To support her love of acting, Arrington’s dad, an English professor, took little Kate and her younger sister Louise to see a community theater production of Hair. “We were so loving it,” she recalls, “then, all of a sudden, they’re naked.

Louise and I simultaneously burst into tears, and my dad had to carry us out!”. She is a beautiful actress. Quite short in height but nonetheless her cuteness level is incomparable.

Her weight measurement is not disclosed but she accepts trying to maintain her physique through a healthy lifestyle. Kate is seen with Michael in almost every event including the movie premieres and we must admit she is a pretty lady.

Even after being the mother of two she looks youthful and vivacious. And you would not believe that she is 37 years old. She and Michael Shannon started dating back in 2002. Together they have 2 daughters, Sylvia Shannon and Marion Shannon.

Sylvia is the elder daughter while Marion the younger one. She and Shannon are appearing together in Grace. Her actual net worth and salary is not found in her bio.