Who is Justin Biebiers new Brazilian Girlfriend?

News by Riya Published on 01 Apr,2017 Updated on 10 Sep,2017

We don’t know if she is Justin’s new ‘’Girlfriend’’, more likely a fling, honestly, it’s hard to keep up with him, but he has been spotted making out with a new Brazilian girl or was it, girls? Well, it’s kinda confusing. And there are photos!


Justin Bieber and Luciana Chamone in the backseat of Justin's ride in Rio Janeiro

                                                                  Source: TMZ

Justin Beiber was ">spotted cozying up with Luciana Chamone and her blonde friend in the back of his limousine. There are photos showing the blonde friend leaving Justin’s rented mansion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil early in the morning but no photos of the brunette leaving the building.


Luciana Chamone's blonde friend leaving Justin's mansion

Is the new girl going to be just a flavor of the week for Justin, or is this thing going to go on a bit far at least? We’ll see what happens!

There have been rumors that Justin Bieber has escorts in every city he tours. Now, those are rumors without much credit but RadarOnline did recently report that Justin hires models from modeling agencies to hang out with him.

Apparently, there is a meeting and if the model and Justin Bieber get along, he hangs out with her/them. 

Here we all are speculating about Justin's association with a new girl and maybe he's just doing this for the promotion of his tour, who knows?