Who is Calum Von Moger's Girlfriend? Details about his Relationship and Career

News by Saburo Published on 11 Aug,2017 Updated on 06 Sep,2021

Body building as a profession is booming these days. While some take it as a hobby, some build it as a professional career. Australian body-builder Calum Von Moge is a good example for those who want to build a career as a professional body builder.

Calum Von Moge has proved that body builders are no less than other celebrities as he has scored millions of fans. Is the fit body builder dating anyone currently? Who is his new girlfriend? Let's find out here.

Is Calum Von Moge dating anyone? Who is his new girlfriend?

Twenty-seven years old Australian body-builder Calum Von Moge is quite a secretive person as he has maintained his personal life under the radar. Calum hasn't come out about his relationship and confirmed anyone as his girlfriend. Also, there no any records of any his girlfriend till date.

Calum Von Moge

Calum Von Moge


Looks like Moge doesn't want public attention in his personal life. He is possibly single and probably in search of a perfect match. Or it may be he is already dating secretly and his doesn't want to grab public attention due to his affairs. 

Moge is quite active on his social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook but only professionally. His social media sites are full of his body building and fitness pictures.

Calum Von Moge's career

He started his career as a personal trainer for boys and girls aged 8-16 on a summer camp in the USA. He also served as an outdoor adventure tour guide early in his career. He participated in his first body building competition, ANB teenager 19 & under Victorian Bodybuilding Championships in 2010 and won the title.

Calum Von Moge


In 2011, he got a chance to meet the NABBA world president, Graeme Lancefield through his friend Simon Faulkner. Calum Von Moge then got a chance to participate in NABBA Junior International Championships and won the title. 


Calum Von Moge rose to fame after he won the first Junior Mr. Universe in June 2011, in Baden in Austria. Till date, he has won several titles including NABBA Class one International Championship in May 2013, NABBA Class 1 Southern Hemisphere Championships in May 2013, WFF UNIVERSE under 35 Superbody in 2013, the first PRO - WFF  or NABBA Mr. Universe in 2014 among others.

Calum Von Moge Quick Facts

  • Calum von Moger was born on June 9th, 1990 in Victoria, Australian.
  • He has five siblings.
  • He has an older brother who is also a body builder.
  • He has Austrian and Dutch ancestry.
  • He was interested in the gym since his child hood and started training gym at the age of 13 at the Noble Street gym in Anglesea with his older brother.
  • He learned everything by copying his brother.
  • His nickname is Aussie hulk.
  • His height is 6'2".