What TV shows Judy Sheindlin host? What are her net worth and annual salary? Discover them, here

News by Clarence Published on 21 Dec,2016 Updated on 21 Dec,2016

Judith Susan “Judy” Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, is an American lawyer, a former judge, producer and television personality. She is also an author and has written many books.

Judy is also one of the highest paid television personalities and is also one of the wealthiest person and television personality. Her show earned her a huge net worth and also a wide fame. Let’s discuss her TV shows and net worth, here.

Judy Sheindlin’s Career as a TV show host

After her retirement as a family court judge, in 1996, Judy Sheindin was featured in CB's 60 minutes which earned her a wide fame and recognition. Later the same year, she was offered to star in a new reality courtroom series featuring “real cases with real ruling”. She accepted the proposal of the syndicated court show, Judge Judy and debuted on September 16, 1996.

                                                                    Judy Sheindlin

The show Judy Judge is also one of the most popular TV shows and still runs on different networks. Judy has also celebrated the 21st year with the show. Judge Judy is also one of the highest rated shows on daytime television.

During 2009-2010 Judy Sheindlin's TV series, Judge Judy was the first series to attract more daytime viewers than The Ophra Winfrey Show. It has also been the highest rated Television court show since its release. She has also extended her contract with the show recently and will remain minimum up to 2019-20.

Sheindlin was also named one of the 200 greatest pop culture Icons in 2003 by VH1. Besides “Judge Judy”, she has also made her appearances in lots of television programs and other media. She has also starred in ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fox’s The Simpsons as Judge Constance Harm, NBC’s Will and Grace, The CW’s America’s Next top Model, NBC’s The Weakest Link, ABC’s The Practice and more.

Apart from these shows and programs, Judy Sheindlin has also been satirized on Saturday Night Live, The Simpson, Thge Amande show, and more

Judy Sheindlin’s Net worth and Annual salary

According to a report, her earnings from the television series Judge Judy is estimated to be $47 million per year.  Her salary is about $4 million per month which has boosted her net worth a lot.

                                                  Interior design ofJudy Sheindlin's houses

Sheindlin’s huge salary has earned her a net worth of $290 million approximately. She is also one of the richest women and television personality in the world with the huge wealth. Sheindlin also owns a home which worths $8.2 million. She also owns another house in Connecticut which worth is around $13.2 million.