What's Sarah Palin net worth? Find out about her source of income and her rising career.

News by Clarence Published on 09 Nov,2016 Updated on 09 Nov,2016

Sarah Palin is one of the most recognized faces in Fox News. The Former governor of Alaska is a genius business and political pundit, speaker, and an established show host.

Sarah, who left the post of governor in 2009, was considered to have made a mistake of living a highly reputed and well-paid life which made her $125,000 a year. However, she proved everyone wrong as she turned out to be a splendid speaker an all-time cherished speaker and most loved reporter for news and journalism media.

Royalties from books and reality show

So far, she has published two books which happened to be remarkable sellers. The total earning from her books got her a big sum of $12 million in her account.

The reality show for the learning channel has accumulated her an unbelievable sum of money. She did eight episodes of Out Here Being Free for the education channel brought her near about $250,000 per episode.

When requested by ABC News regarding her personal income, her office rejected the inquiry with a straight statement as

 The former governor is now a private citizen. As a result, her fees and earnings are private.

                                                                                     -Sarah Palin's offices speaks person

As a political figure, her earning is clearly discussed by The CNN and Fox network itself. However, she has left the politics and no longer considers herself as a political figure which gives her the right to stay covert about her economic status.

Earning from Public speaking and salary from FOX news

Palin is an elite public speaker and tops some big presidential figures earning from public speaking on today's date. She is said to receive a hundred thousand dollars per public speaking sessions. Other than being a public speaker, she is a political pundit and a show host for FOX news network.

She was paid one million a year by the news network as her annual salary. She left the Fox news in 2013 and rejoined the network as an investor which gave her a way to the newsroom again and is still working with the network on a salary basis.

Net worth of Sarah Palin

So, if we add all of her shows and appearances along with royalties and salary, her net worth gets pretty high. The rough estimation of Sarah's net worth is said to be around $12 million and its increasing every second. Sarah, on today's date, is one of the most popular show host as well as a popular political interpreter in the US soil who is loved by the people all over the world.