What's L Z Granderson's Net Worth? Find out his annual Salary and sources of income

News by Clarence Published on 17 Jan,2017 Updated on 17 Jan,2017

Elzie Lee, popularly known, LZ Granderson is an American commentator and columnist. He works as a senior columnist for 'ESPN' and writes a weekly column for ''. This talented journalist has also covered the U.S. Open tennis tournament for quite a long time now.

LZ is renowned media personality in the American media industry because of which many people want to know his yearly income and net worth.

LZ Granderson’s net worth and sources of earning

LZ has been working in the American journalism industry for a long time and which, help to maintain the good amount of net worth. He is named as one of the experienced and talented columnists of the agency. In 2017, his net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, as cited by genuine source.

LZ Granderson


Additionally, he works in popular agencies like ESPN and CNN. From there, he receives a good amount of salary including bonus and incentives. However, his current salary is yet to be revealed. Journalism is the primary sources of his income.

LZ Granderson’s career history

In the initial period of LZ's career, he worked as a writer for 'The Atlanta Journal-Constitution' and a columnist for 'The Grand Rapids Press'. Then, he moved to 'ESPN' and started writing for 'ESPN page 2'.

There, he mostly writes for a center on the social and human aspects of sports. He even writes about his own personal struggles and the life of athletes. Additionally, he provides social commentary on several occasions.

LZ has also written a weekly column for 'CNN' since last five years. During his professional career, he has also covered major games and sports events till now. 

In 2013, he defended 'NBA' center Jason Collins ‘decision to announce himself is the first openly gay male professional athlete in an American Sports industry. Since January 2016, he has been featuring as a panelist on the Around the Horn, a sports discussion show of 'ESPN-TV'.

LZ has also won and been nominated in several awards due to his fine career and involvement in LGBT communities movement. He is also a gay right activist and is also participated in several campaigns.