What's Andrea Bock Net Worth? Explore her sources of income

News by Clarence Published on 09 Jan,2017 Updated on 16 Dec,2018

Andrea Bock is most known as the girlfriend of Ty Pennington. Andrea was the manager of Ty Penington, an American TV host, artist, and carpenter, and is recently dating him. Ty Pennington is best known as the host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The Net Worth And Salary of Andrea Bock

Andrea Bock is not a famous personality, personally. She came to the limelight after being the manager of Ty Pennington. She started getting famous after she started dating him. The couple is also famous for their longtime relationship. They are together and are dating each other since 2004 for about 18 years.

Andrea Bock


Andrea Bock’s earning and salary is not yet disclosed to the media. However, her husband, Ty Pennington’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million. Ty makes $75 thousand per episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Additionally, his another reality tv series, Trading Spaces had some premises with a budget of $1000 and a three days dateline, where two sets of neighbors had to renovate one room in each other’s home.

Andrea is also expected to earn good earning from her appearances in television shows.

Andrea Bock’s Relationship With Ty Pennington

Andre Bock worked as the manager of Ty Pennington. She is said to be dating the television personality since 2004. They are together for 18 years and are still unmarried.

Andrea Bock and Ty Pennington 


Ty Pennington has also told in an interview, in 2008 September 28, that they have not planned anything about their marriage and has no any intention as such, at recent. Andrea also supported her boyfriend's statement saying she does not want to get married, now. 

There was also a rumor that Pennington had an extra affair which broke the heart of Andrea and they both separated. However, they could not remain separated and soon patched-up. Despite being together for over 14 years, the two don't feel like marriage is necessary and they share a great bonding. 

Well, looks like the couple doesn't have any intention of getting married soon.