What is the annual salary of basketball player Ben Tankard? Find out his net worth, here!

News by Clarence Published on 27 Oct,2016 Updated on 27 Oct,2016

When we say richer than the richest you should believe in the case of Ben Tankard. We can only imagine a life like Ben's. He is an extremely talented human being who has surprised the world time and again.
Started as a pro-NBA player and then he surprised the world with his gospel jazz music Commentator job and his hosting qualities. 

Ben Tankard is an American gospel musician, producer, writer, songwriter, singer and a record producer from    Daytona Beach, Florida. The 52 years old father of five lives a luxurious life. 

Till today, his records have been sold in a large amount and he holds the record of selling 24 platinum and gold records all together with 14 Stellar Awards and three Grammy nominations, along with eight Dove Award nominations has fueled his career has helped his net worth go so high that we can’t even imagine.

Ben is a Boy with Expensive toys

He has all sorts of cars and two smaller planes which he rides along with his family to the concerts he attends. Huge mansions and a smooth running professional music career as a keyboard artist and singer with the title of "Godfather of Gospel Jazz" is what we are looking at now. He has composed and written songs for numerous big artists like  Yolanda Adams, Take 6, Kelly Price, and Gerald Albright and many other singers which add up to his bank accounts. Ben performs more than a 100 concerts and personal appearances every year which obviously is nothing new for a Godfather of Gospel Jazz.

His Income Sources

Sources confirm that Ben’s net worth is $35 million. His sources of income would be his musical career, Reality shows, and anchoring mostly. He was signed by universal studios under his own record company Tribute Records label where he produced music for best gospel singers in the world. He is the best-selling gospel artist in the whole wide world till today's date. You can find an up close look at ben's life in  "Thicker Than Water" a reality show broadcasted in Bravo TV. The Bravo TV's show earns his wife about 45000 Dollars as her salary and if we take an account of all his Royalties from 250 songs and 21 albums along with 100 shows a year his salary make him one of the richest Gospel singer in the whole United States. 

Ben's cars and Airplanes

He said, “I got the hummer. I got the monster truck. I got the motorcycle. I got the airplane. They’re all yellow. Now if I can just get Jewel to dye her hair yellow, everything I love to ride will be yellow.”
He owns 1976 Cessna 421C which worth $289,000 USD and A 43220D plane which costs  300000 USD.

Speaking of his car collection, I must say that he is one hell of a car lover. In total, he possesses two hummer cars; and awesome MXT Truck RXT $90,000 luxury consumer truck.
Two H2 hummers costing $32,000 USD each, one BMW bike S1000 XR, an Exceed Golf car, and two Mursedese SUVs and a stylish truck.

Ben Tankard's mansion

Ben owns a three level mansion $1,320,000 worth Mansion Murfreesboro, Tennessee (TN), US.  
The was house was built in 2001 and it consists of 5 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, a pool and it stands on 5,962 square feet area. The house if fully furnished with total exotics. Just have a look at it. 

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