What is NBC's Correspondent Kasie Hunt's Salary? Find out her Net Worth and Career Details as well.

News by Clarence Published on 17 May,2017 Updated on 28 May,2017

Kasie Hunt, an American political correspondent, works for popular news channel NBC Network. Kasie recently got married to Matthew Rivera, a senior digital producer on 6 May 2017 and the couple is honeymooning now.

The 31-year-old Kasie Hunt appears in several programs for MSNBC and Bloomberg News including Morning Joe, Hardball with Chris Matthews and With All Due Respect.

Kasie Hunt is in the journalism field since nearly a decade How much does she earn? What is her net worth, what is her salary? Find out.

How Much is Kasie Hunt Worth? 

NBC’s correspondent Kasie Hunt’s exact figure of net worth is not available to the public. However, according to some sources, her net worth is over $3 million. Reportedly, the average annual salary for news anchors at NBC ranges from $32K to $130.

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Kasie is one of the experienced and talented journalists of the NBC network. When  Donald J Trump won the presidential election, she announced that she interviewed him at his office in Trump tower while he was running for president via her Instagram.

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Kasie’s Hunt's One-decade ( and counting) of Journalism Career

Kasie Hunt joined as an intern in the political unit of NBC news in 2006. She started off her reporting career with National Journal's CongressDaily where she wrote a  passage of the affordable care act.


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Kasie Hunt also wPoliticoPoliticio, covering 2010 midterm elections. Hunt began working as a national political reporter for the Associated Press in 2011 and covered Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential election campaign.

In 2014, she traveled the country interviewing congressional senators and candidates for the ‘States of Play’ midterm election series which aired on MSNBC's  Morning Joe.


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In 2016, she reported the republican primary campaign, Donald Trump was nominated and ended up winning the election as well. 

During her tenure, she has interviewed several political figures like President Donald J Trump, former President Barack the Obama, Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic Party candidate for presidential election and former Secretary of State.

Before joining journalism industry, Hunts graduated from George Washington University. She also received a master degree in sociology from the St. John’s College, Cambridge University. For information on her personal life, keep coming back to Article Bio.