What is Dr. Narula's net worth? Also, explore her income and salary, here

News by Clarence Published on 30 Jan,2017 Updated on 30 Jan,2017

Dr. Narula is a cardiologist better known as the medical contributor at CBS News. She presents the medical show on CBS where she provides views and ideas on cardiology and medical topics. She is the Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Hofstra University NSLIJ School of Medicine.

Tara Narula

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Narula serves as the Associate Director of the Cardiac Care Unit at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan.There is also biography available about some other people of her profession as medical correspondent including Nancy SnydermanSanjay Gupta.

Tara Narula’s Net worth

Tara Narula is a very popular cardiologist in the USA and has been a widely known as the medical contributor and medical show presenter on CBS. Her program has many followers. The cardiologist is yet to disclose her net worth and no source has released her property yet. However, we can assume from her busy life that she might have huge net worth as she serves at various places.

We can surely guess that Narula has huge salary serving as a cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital as Assistant Director. Her salary has boosted her net worth pretty well. Prior to that, her income as a presenter is a very good source to add the properties.

Narula has various sources of earnings. She has been working as an Associate Director of CardiacCare Unit at the hospital. She is a presenter of the medical show and works as a contributor on CBS. She has also founded and is CEO of a company, Sun Juice Inc.

Tara Narula’s career

After Narula graduated from Stanford University, she founded and ran a company, Sun Juice Inc. She completed her residency in internal medicine at Havard University after she obtained her medical degree. Narula completed her fellowship training in cardiology in New York.

At present, Narula is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology and serves as a member of both the NYC Go Red for Women Committee and NYC Advocacy Committee of the Heart Association. She works as a speaker and anchor and is also a cardiologist.