What is DJ Sammy Renders aka Sam Feldt Net Worth? Also know his Career and Achievements

News by Clarence Published on 26 Apr,2017 Updated on 02 Aug,2017

Sammy Render a.k.a. Sam Feldt a Dutch DJ was born in the year 1993 August 1 is a deep house music producer which is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Sam's debut from the remake of Robin S. Show Me Love. The soundtrack was out by Spinnin' Records and Polydor which became a hit as it was at number 4 on the UK single Chart along with that it also reached the 21st position of Dutch Top 40. In Australia Show, Me Love was given a get honor by certifying it gold.

With all those achievements in his debut, Sam earned millions.

Sammy Renders (aka Sam Feldt) Net Worth

As Sammy is new to this biz and private about his life, there is not much info. about his salary but if you are wondering what is the annual salary of a DJ?

The average annual salary of a DJ in the Netherlands is $65,000. But the starting salary is $40,000 and can go up to $84,000.  We can assume his salary to be more than this as he is a celebrity DJ and is famous all around the world.DJ sammy Rendera a.k.a Sam Feldt

DJ Sammy Renders a.k.a Sam Feldt

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But a DJ like Sammy who has gone international will have millions in his hand. Taking a peek in Sammy's career, Sam must have the net worth more than $5 million.

Now Sammy is in Rome

Sam has been racing too

This year Sam has been going all over the world as he has twitted being in Rome, Brazil, Curacao, Italy and so on.

So, how has the career of Sam been?

Sammy Renders (aka Sam Feldt) Career and achievement

Sammy Render's career started with the song Show Me Love in 2015 which was certified gold by Australia along with that Sam's track reached 15 and 13 on Billboard's Dance/Electronic Songs chart.

Dj Sammy Render a.k.a Sam Fedt

Sammy Renders a.k.a Sam Feldt


With the first soundtrack, Sam a lot in his hand and in the year 2016 he released another track Summer on You with Luca & Steve and Sam's first cousin Abraham Serouya, a student of a musical engineer at NYU.

The second track was even better as it reached the 4th spot in the Dutch Top 40 along with that it was the most played track on Dutch radio in September and October of 2016.

The soundtrack Summer on You was awarded a Platinum award in the Netherlands.

With the back to back hits, Sam Feldt was ranked on Top 100 DJs of 2016 by DJ Magazine besides that, billboard described Feldt as a modern house superstar(Great Honor).

Billboard did not stop there, Sam's track Show Me Love was described as Anne reshapes the famous melody as he echoes the original with a bubble deep house beat.

DJ Sammy Renders a.k.a Sam Fedt

Sammy Renders a.k.a Sam Feldt

And the track The Devil's Tears which Feldt edited was one of Spotify's was on the list of top 10 most viral tracks.

This year the modern house superstar will be seen at Syracuse University as part of University Union's annual Bandersnatch series. Sam has been very successful in his career but it does not seem like his love life is as interesting as his career.