What are the reasons of sports anchor Lauren Shehadi's increasing net worth? Uncover her salary,here

News by Clarence Published on 08 Dec,2016 Updated on 08 Dec,2016

Lauren Shehadi's popularity is on  the rise, so is her salary and net worth. Her estimated net worth is $1.1 million. Learn more about this glamorous and inspiring American sportscaster for MLB network.

Who is Lauren Shehadi

Lauren Shehadi, whose full name is Julia Lauren Shehadi is one of the most popular American sportscasters, she reports for the MLB network. The 2010 candidate for the ‘’Sexiest Sportscaster’’ competition by Playboy magazine, Shehadi, has had quite a glamorous career.

 Prior to working for MLB, she has worked for College Sports Network for CBS and 

What is Lauren Shehadi’s net worth? How is it increasing?

Making a glamorous living out of sports anchoring is not quite easy. There are only very few who actually have made it big from hosting sports shows on Television. One of the sports anchors who has managed to do so is Lauren Shehadi. She has a staggering net worth of $ 1.1 million and it is increasing.

Many people seem to be quite shocked as to how Lauren Shehadi’s net worth is increasing when after a short time sportscasters usually tend to come to a decline. The fact that Lauren is good at her job has a great personality, is good looking and has a good past record as well as a good deal of followers. All these traits have made Lauren Shehadi a gem for sports television. Thus her net worth is growing rapidly. 

Lauren Shehadi on social media

Her Instagram and twitter both are very interesting as she constantly posts the backstage and on the spot moments from her shows and travels.


Go time! Go Cubs go!

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 If you want to follow her and her sports anchoring adventures on social media, follow her on twitter and Instagram.