What are the income sources of Danny Glover, the actor with the net worth of $15 million?

News by Clarence Published on 28 Dec,2016 Updated on 27 Jul,2021

Danny Glover is an American actor, Film director and political activist best known for his leading role as Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon film series and several other movies such as The Color purple, To Sleep with Anger, and Angels in the Outfield. He has also made appearances in television shows, theoretical productions and is also an active supporter of various humanitarian and political causes

Danny Glover’s sources of income and properties

The actor's estimated net worth is around $15 million. He has earned this huge net worth working as a actor and director with many successful roles in 25 years long acting career in movies such as The Color Purple, The Lethal weapon series, Predator 2 etc.

He also owns a big and one of the most expensive houses of the celebrity. His big Buena Vista Avenue West mansion is priced to be around $10 million. He also bought a 6,000 sq-foot house in Dunthrope, Oregon in 1999 but after 2011 he never lived in Oregon.


The Predator 2 actor has the yearly income of around $4.5 million from his acting and direction. Besides this, he also earns more than $1 million from sponsorship and endorsements.

Childhood and Acting Career

Glover was born on 22 July 1946 in San Francisco, California of United States. He was born to Carrie and James Glover. Glover was admitted to George Washington High School in San Francisco and later attended San Francisco State University in the late 1960s. He was also awarded an Honorary Degree in the University.


He involved with Conservatory Theatre, a regional training programme was his first theater involvement. He also trained with Jean Shelton at the Shelton Actors Lab. Glover first started his career as a stage actor. He later moved to Los Angeles for more acting opportunities.

Glover has made his appearances in various film stage, television roles and is best known for his role, Robert Murtaugh in the lethal Weapons series of action films. He also starred in the blockbuster, Predator 2 and The Color Purple. He has also made his appearances in different other television series and movies.