Watters Questions Wrestling Fans About Trump's CNN Body-Slam GIF

News by Riya Published on 09 Jul,2017 Updated on 09 Jul,2017

Jesse Watters had some fun with wrestling fans at Madison Square Garden on Friday as he asked them what they thought of President Trump's tweet with a fake GIF of him tackling CNN.

President Trump tweeted a video of himself body-slamming a man with a CNN logo for a head on Sunday. The video was originally from 2007 footage of a stunt Trump did at WrestleMania XXIII, where he wrestled Vince McMahon to the floor.

The president then tweeted: “CNN has really taken it too seriously, and I think they have really hurt themselves very badly.”

As per the reactions of the wrestling fans, one fan stated:

“President Trump tackled CNN the way he's going to tackle fake news and the way he's going to make America great again."

Another said

"Of course" the image does not inspire him to commit violence against anyone at CNN.”

Watch the reactions from the wrestling fans above.