Waterbury Heroin Bust: Police Arrested 51 And Seized Guns And Cash

News by Joey Jordan Published on 19 May,2019

Police Arrested 51 During A Massive Heroin Raid In Waterbury

  • Waterbury police arrested 51 people who involved in heroin trafficking during a massive Friday raid.
  • Police said the bust came after an extensive investigation about the heroin traffickers that began in September 2018.
  • Along with detaining 51, police seized a large amount of heroin, $15,000 in cash, guns and two cars.
  • Police said in a press release that 24 people died of substance overdose in 2019 in Waterbury alone.

Waterbury police busted massive heroin on Friday that resulted in the apprehension of 51 people and seizure of guns, $15,000 in cash, two cars and thousands of packets of heroin packaged for sale.

Later, police in Waterbury, Connecticut said in a news conference that the bust came after a series of extensive investigation that started last September in response to an increased "heroin abuse" and heroin-related death in the city.

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Police reported the detained to be mid-level drug dealers mostly involved in the supply and sale of heroin. They added the months-long secret operation "Operation Raw Deal" included intensive investigations on all the heroin suppliers.

David Silverio, Waterbury Police spokesman, told CNN they were still looking for 10 additional suspects related to heroin trafficking. He said,

The objective of this extensive investigation was to suppress the trafficking of heroin in Waterbury. As of May 4th, there have been 24 deaths in Waterbury -- this year alone -- and 99 overdoses

Thirteen groups of around 135 detectives, officers, and investigators from several Waterbury police units unfolded a series of raids across Waterbury Friday morning where personnel from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies were also involved.