Washington State Bridge Collapse

Published on Updated on 16.Aug.2016

Bridge collapse  in 23 May 2013, raise a quesition to government. Bridge Collapse make attention to the state about aging of infrastructure in the United States of Washington. Bridge was major link between the Canadian  and US sides was severed after a bridge collapsed. The accident make the West Coast's main transportation artery which is 50 miles south of the Canadian border. This Bridge used to carries an average of 70,000 cars a day. This bridge is bussiest crossings in the entire America, and after closing will impact economic commerce between two countries.

Three people rescued immediately in Washington State after a bridge collapse connecting Interstate 5 across the Skagit River.

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington said in a statement related to bridge collpase as:
Witnesses say collapse reason is truck  which hit the bridge and make it to collapse.
An investigation team has been launched to confirm about saying of witness. 

The four-lane Interstate 5 bridge is a  half a century old - collapsed. The collapse Bridge was about 25 feet and eight meterabove the water. Water depth of river was about 15 ft. The bridge was not ranked as structurally deficient, but listed in database of Federal Highway Administration it as being "functionally obsolete". 

At last
Bridge Collpase make me to remember flash back movie Final Destination. But I hope there is no one seriously affected by this bridge collapse.Hope like this NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!


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