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Victoria Chlebowski is married to Michael Imperioli, renowned for his role as Christopher Moltisanti in "The Sopranos," earning an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2004. While not a figure in the entertainment industry like her husband, Chlebowski is a successful entrepreneur embodying the American dream.

Chlebowski's early life included significant challenges. Her journey to success wasn't easy, but she persevered. Her relationship with Imperioli remains a private aspect of her life, away from the spotlight.

However, Chlebowski has carved her path as an accomplished entrepreneur. Her endeavors reflect her determination and business acumen, marking her as an example of success outside the realm of Hollywood. Her story highlights resilience, determination, and the pursuit of success on her terms, separate from her husband's fame.

What Is Victoria Chlebowski's Age? 

Victoria Chlebowski, born in 1966 during the Soviet Union era in Russia, was raised in a Jewish family. Despite her Jewish upbringing, she is a devout Christian. Her parents migrated from Russia to the United States. As of 2023, she is in her late 50s. 

Victoria Chlebowski posing with her spouse Michael Imperioli. SOURCE:

Victoria's educational journey involved attending a Private High School in California, followed by enrollment in an Elite College in the USA. However, specific details about her academic pursuits or career path remain undisclosed.

Chlebowski's focus shifted towards entrepreneurship, marking her success in business endeavors. Unfortunately, her personal life and achievements remain relatively private compared to her husband's prominence in the entertainment industry.

Victoria Fled To Ukraine: But Why?

Victoria fled Ukraine due to anti-Semitism, arriving in the US in 1976 with her mother, Raisa, who later worked in real estate. Initially residing in a humble railroad apartment, Victoria's stepfather, Ryczard, a skilled artisan, crafted custom features for a Tribeca building.

Victoria's family aided in renovating a Chelsea theater. Her diverse education in art, philosophy, and German in Munich, followed by art history at Parsons in NYC, likely influenced her entrepreneurial pursuits.

Career Highlights

Victoria, the spouse of Michael Imperioli, co-owns the design firm SVE New York in New York City with partner Sonya Chang. The couple renovated a 19th-century Tribeca factory building and owns a popular bohemian bar in Chelsea. Victoria and Imperioli co-own another cocktail bar in Chelsea.

Victoria Chlebowski and her spouse Michael Imperioli have three children. SOURCE: Architectural Digest

Victoria prefers furniture recycling over new purchases. Together, they established Studio Dante, an Off-Broadway theater where Victoria serves as artistic director. Additionally, she has a credit in the 2013 film "Joy de V," a New York noir thriller directed and written by Nadia Szold.

Victoria's Other Career Besides Designing

Victoria Chlebowski, alongside her husband of twenty-six years, has been actively involved in film production. In 2009, she served as a producer for Michael Imperioli's directorial film "Hungry Ghosts." Presently, the couple is working on a new film with a spiritual theme, serving as executive producers.

Victoria and Michael's current project is a documentary centered on the Tenzin Gyatso Scholars Program. This program supports Tibetan monastics studying neuroscience, biology, physics, and social sciences in the United States. It operates under the Tenzin Gyatso Institute, dedicated to advancing the vision and values of the Dalai Lama. The film aims to shed light on this program and the institute's mission.

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Who Is Victoria Chlebowski's Husband?

Victoria Chlebowski and her husband Michael Imperioli tied the knot on September 19, 1996, predating the premiere of "The Sopranos" by four years and occurring five months after their first meeting. They had been acquainted since college, meeting around 1995/96 at a bar, the location of which Victoria declined to disclose, deeming it too personal.

The married pair Victoria and Michael share three children: Vadim, David, and Isabella. Isabella is Victoria's child from a previous relationship but has legally become part of Michael Imperioli's family. The family divides their time between Santa Barbara, California, and New York City's Tribeca neighborhood.

Victoria Chlebowski and her husband Michael Imperioli are millionaires. SOURCE: WireImage

Victoria and Michael's eldest son, Vadim, pursued Film at Purchase College and graduated from Santa Barbara High School in California. In November 2016, Victoria Chlebowski's son, Vadim Imperioli, was arrested for spray-painting a swastika in a dorm at Purchase College. Following this incident, the NYPD captain stated that Vadim would be charged with criminal mischief in the fourth degree.

Vadim, previously aspiring to become a stand-up comedian, had a history involving a prior three-year probation sentence in California for vandalism, also related to "criminal mischief."

Victoria & Her Partner Michael Listed Their Property In 2010

As of now, Victoria Chlebowski's net worth is $1 Million. In July 2010, Victoria Chlebowski and her partner Michael initially listed their Chelsea walk-up property for $5.5 million but encountered challenges in selling it, ultimately settling for a sale at $4.15 million after several re-listings and price reductions, as per city records.

During the same period, the entrepreneurial couple expanded their portfolio by acquiring another mixed-use space at 499 Canal Street in 2007 for $2.4 million. This additional property served as overflow space for Studio Dante offices.

Chlebowski's net worth is estimated to be within the millions, complemented by her husband's estimated net worth of $20 million. Their real estate ventures and property acquisitions have contributed significantly to their financial portfolio.


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