Verne Lundquist married life and his career at this age

News by Bartle Published on 27 Dec,2015 Updated on 27 Dec,2015

Verne Lundquist known with his birth name as Merton Laverne “Verne” Lundquist, Jr is currently 75 years of his age. Working as a sports broad caster he states, he has amazing experiences for his lifetime. Working within CBS sports he is successful within his net worth and living a well-established life along with a happy family time. He got married with Nancy Lundquist and by the he has not got divorce from her. After getting divorce from Kathy Vernon and Patricia Lundquist and failure of his previous married life, he stated he will not repeat the same mistake and go sincerely forward within his career and personal life.

At this age of his life looking back to his career, he is successful achieving various awards during his lifetime with his wonderful presentation and personality style. He was also introduced as a National sportscaster who is also the founder of Omega tau Fraternity. He is still working sincerely in his career and broadening still at this age. He was also within the Cowboys radio Network and was working sincerely across it. As getting closer upon various organization and network he has collected lots of experiences in his life regarding to the professional living of himself.

His love life is not that stable compared with his professional life. He got married for the very first time with Patricia during the year 1967 but this couple got divorce with some issues that were not declared across the media. Similarly, for the second time he got married with Kathy Vernon after his divorce of first marriage in 1971. But this was also his failure when he got divorce after 8 years of getting married. Now with his third marriage he is living with his wife and children in Colorado. He got married for the third time in 1982 with his affair Better Lorraine Higgins.

After a long affair he got married with his partner for the third time after a long age. He never stated the reason behind his failure of this marriage. Neither had he stated, publicly about his very third relation. He is a family person who loves his wife and children a lot. With the successful net worth he is living a peaceful life not and planning for the further activities to save the future of his wife and his children. He also stated in an interview that he is finally satisfied with his married life now.

Verne is also featured within the social sites. He is viewed with his activities all over along with his personal blogs and accounts. There is also number of fake accounts made with his name but he has stated he has only twitter account so far as his personal social networking sites. There are various numbers of fan pages and fan clubs made in his name.