Vanessa Cobbs Announces Split from Her Husband and His Wife

News by Krijana Duwal Published on 22 Apr,2019

Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Vanessa Cobbs Has Ended Her Relationship With The Snowden Family.

  • Vanessa Cobbs announced that she has ended her relationship with the Snowden family.
  • Cobbs, Dimitri, and Ashley then got married in their spiritual ceremony.
  • Cobbs explains how much she loves Ashley, Dimitri, and their children in Instagram post.

Cobbs announced her decision of leaving her husband Dimitri Snowden and his wife, Ashley via Instagram writing “After some deep soul searching, I have decided to part ways with the Snowden.

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Cobbs began explaining how much she loves Ashley, Dimitri, and the children, and will continue loving them always.  She continued writing:

However, my love and commitment to them overshadowed my love and commitment to myself,

Cobbs also admitted that she came to realize that just because we love someone does not necessarily mean that they are meant to be with them. She then thanked everyone who supported her on the journey.

Despite their break up, Cobbs claims that the love and life she had with the Snowdens was very real. She then added:

I still believe that polygamy can be, and is, a beautiful thing.

Cobbs continued writing: I wish Ashley, Dimitri, and the children nothing but love and happiness, and I know they wish me the same.

Just a week after Cobbs announced split from Snowden family, Dimitri also took his Instagram to speak up about her decision writing: We are deeply saddened.

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We are deeply saddened by Vanessa’s decision to leave our family. We take our family dynamic and the relationships we build with others very seriously. We make sure we always do our best and give our absolute all. We also know we must respect when someone feels they must move on and try to do that with a spirit of acceptance. . While we had an incredible, loving year together with Vanessa, it is important for us to take the time necessary to heal from this divorce, extracting the lessons and the blessings from this experience and use them as the strength we need to continue moving forward with our dream to create a beautiful, like-minded Snowden family tribe. . We know that it’s not polygamy to blame, as one doesn’t blame monogamy when things don’t work out. Compatibility, aligned values, and joy from everyone involved are most important in any relationship construct. . We wish Vanessa nothing but peace and happiness along her personal journey, and ask that you do the same, for her, and for us. . We truly thank you (our fans and critics) for the time our amazing journey has occupied on your screens, hearts, minds and blogs. . We will continue to live this journey out loud in search for our sister wife(s) when the time is right, because we know the women we are looking for, are also looking for us. . ~ The Snowden Family . #thesnowdenfamily

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On the TLC show, which broadcasts four polygamist families as they try to find and introduce a new wife to their homes. The viewers had watched as Dimitri, Ashley, their three children, and Cobbs attempted their best try to become a family.

When Dimitri and Cobbs first met, he and Ashley were not married legally but introduced themselves as a husband and wife. Quickly after, they invited Cobbs to live with them in their California house, and later he proposed her.

However, before the family could become one, Cobbs had to adapt a number of their practices including becoming a vegan, doing an alkaline detox, and balancing her Virginia's pH to match Ashley’s before being intimate with her husband.

Cobbs, Dimitri, and Ashley then got married in their spiritual ceremony.