Two Killed And One Detained In A Car Crash On Highway 249 Monday Afternoon

News by Joey Jordan Published on 26 Dec,2017 Updated on 26 Dec,2017

Authorities say, two people killed in a fiery car crash Monday on I-5 in Oceanside north of Route 76.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said speed was the major cause of the fatal accident on State Highway 249 near Hollister Drive.

2 people killed In Crash on highway 249 Monday afternoon

Two people killed In Crash on Highway 249 Monday afternoon


Charise Hill, a worker at the nearby gas station on 249 highway, said,

There's a lot of speeding--you see a lot of cars speeding through the parking lot. As people are getting their gas, they really have to watch their backs because cars cut through here constantly, you can hear the loud trucks zooming up and down the freeway.

Sheriff Gonzalez said the two drivers were going over 90 miles per hour.Meanwhile, Annette Murray, who drives by this location twice a week, said

Because as you start to get through them, they change and it's dangerous. It needs to slow down some. You got families, you a bus that comes this way, you got kids that are going back and forth, restaurants that are here.

Officials pronounced the two men dead at the scene while two others were taken to local hospitals. Authorities have withheld victims' name aa their ages and genders were not immediately known.